Republicans are drowning in the electoral reform project pushed by Joe Biden

Republicans are drowning in the electoral reform project pushed by Joe Biden

When he was inaugurated, Joe Biden swore he would try to work with the opposition. Republicans kindly reminded him on Tuesday that he had no intention of making it easy for him with a block Electoral system reform project. While a majority of 60 senators out of 100 was necessary to avoid a fatal parliamentary obstruction, the vote to open debates ended by 50-50, and each camp prepared for its positions.

Prompted by Democrats and Joe Biden, the bill, called For the People Act, wanted to make it easier to reach the polls by imposing certain measures on all states, particularly in early voting and mail. Democrats asserted that it was to “protect democracy” afterwards The hotly contested November elections Before the courts and then the attack on the Capitol. The Republicans, for their part, responded that they wanted to respect the Constitution and allow each state to regulate its ballot, denouncing the “risk of fraud”, particularly with regard to the collection of ballot papers by third parties (“ballot harvesting”).

Mitch McConnell never gives up ي

In practice, both camps have tightened the line. Democrats had hoped to expand voting by mail, which was very favorable to them in the midst of the pandemic in November, especially among minorities. Republicans want to limit this because the heart of their voters generally lives in neighborhoods where they don’t have to queue for hours to vote.

The new US president has supported this project, which he says is necessary to counter “absolutely unprecedented” attacks against the right of minorities to vote. “Democracy is at risk here in America,” the White House threatened Tuesday in a statement. “Donald Trump’s Big Lie has spread like cancer” among Republicans, which had earlier shocked the circulation of Democratic senator leader Chuck Schumer.

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For the leader of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the reform project is nothing but an “attempt” by the Democrats “to tip all US elections in their favor forever.” “A federal takeover of the election is dividing,” Mitt Romney added.

McConnell also denounced those calling among Democrats to crush government stuffing It requires 60 votes to override the procedural votes, before reaching a simple final majority vote (51). An option that remains highly unlikely to this day, as many Democrats also oppose it.

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