A Thai family receives frequent visitation from Leviathan

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 1:29 pm

For a Thai family, the sight of an elephant rummaging in their kitchen was not a complete shock: they were accustomed to his frequent visits.

“He’s coming to cook again,” Kitchai Bodchan wrote sarcastically in the caption to a Facebook video he filmed over the weekend, showing an elephant sticking its trunk in his kitchen.

Probably driven by the night’s passion, this huge animal stabbed its head inside the Kittichai Boodchan’s kitchen in the early hours of Sunday, using its chest to find food.

On one occasion, he picks up a plastic bag filled with liquid, looks at it briefly, and then puts it in his mouth, before cutting the video.

Kittichai Boodchan and his wife live near a national park in western Thailand, on the edge of a lake where wild elephants often bathe when they roam the jungle.

He was not bothered by this majestic breast, as he recognized a frequent visitor who often wandered around the houses in his village, where he ate before leaving and back into the woods.

He said the elephant destroyed his kitchen wall in May, creating an outdoor kitchen concept reminiscent of a car window.

Kittichai Boodchan explained that the general rule for dealing with unwanted visitors is not to feed them.

“When he doesn’t get food, he leaves on his own,” he told AFP. “I was used to him coming, so I wasn’t worried.”

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Wild elephants are common in Thailand’s national parks and surrounding areas, where farmers have occasionally reported incidents of their fruit and corn crops being eaten by a starving herd.

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