Magnet jaw locks New Zealand anti-obesity device جهاز

Magnet jaw locks New Zealand anti-obesity device جهاز

Lower jaw lock magnet: from New Zealand The new anti-obesity device: closes the mouth and keeps it open for only 2mm

from new Zeland DentalSlim Diet Control Access, Magnet jaw lumps, the new device of fight obesity. Covid wasn’t enough, and now New Zealanders too are starting to make our lives hell. How? With what in hindsight it is real “Anti Carbonara Mask”.

Let’s get out of the joke (but they started it) and let’s explain it better: it is, according to her. from the University of Otago, from innovative technology in the medical field, practically a magnetic device Which tightens the jaw and allows the mouth to open two millimeters max. These things with your mouth You barely whistle at usNot to mention sticking a fork in it with some rubber skewers absent.

Lower jaw lock magnet: The solution to obesity comes from New Zealand

The result? Anyone have problems with Compulsive hunger and obesity It simply cannot be bitten, chewed, or tasted nothing solid Because they pass through a 2mm hole liquids only. So goodbye eat giant and welcome calligraphy material with wellness facility. Here, on the subject of “well-being”, we Italians pause for a moment, and though we are aware of the very serious problems You can give her obesity, we wonder if this really is the solution.

Obesity and jaw magnets: how the device works

And with us, social networks have asked themselves the same skeptical question. In fact, it appears that a device diet aid Among other things in cooperation with United kingdom Not found Satisfaction to many people. Technical specifications are preliminary: the lamp can be installed Directly to the dentist. But how is the thing made? These are two capsules thanks to the power of A strong magnet (If strong enough to block an Italian in front of cacio e pepe), they hold together يتم Upper and lower molars.

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And so the mouth has a slight opening and that’s it.

Anti-obesity mandibular lock magnet: worn by seven volunteers for two weeks

The University of Otago’s Twitter profile, from which we’d like to get to know the president of the university, states that it’s an “intraoral solution challenge someone to a liquid diet.” In short, you lose weight on straws and sucker broths, you suffer like monsters But you lose weight. And there was no shortage of “guinea pigs”. The device was implanted Seven women from New Zealand For two weeks and during that time they were put on a stick with a liquid diet low calorie. The study published in British Journal of Dentistry, reported average weight loss at 6.36 kg for one person. Then, the participants revealed their embarrassment about this jaw shutter and one of them admitted it Inhaled melted chocolate And soda as if there is no tomorrow, these are negligible details.

Jaw-blocking magnet, social criticism against anti-obesity device

And social media? God bless them in glory this time, They went into the wild: Ranging from a “tool of torture” to Oral chastity belt. But they are from Otago who don’t give up and tell people: “Our intention is not to provide a tool for rapid weight loss. Rather, the purpose is to help obese people who need to undergo for surgery And they can’t do it without losing weight first.” Put it this way seems more appropriate. In any case, bets are accepted on the number of such bets that will be planted on this side of the Alps, where our mothers watch us.

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