Three countries: Australia and New Zealand open the triangle |  Pumas, who won a friendly 19-15 today, made their debut on November 15 15

Three countries: Australia and New Zealand open the triangle | Pumas, who won a friendly 19-15 today, made their debut on November 15 15

Those who were selected from Australia and New Zealand will meet on Saturday, from 5.45 in Argentina, At the start of the three rugby tournament, which will run until December 5 on Australian soil. The match that will open the competition, in which the Argentina national team, Los PumasAt ANZ Stadium in Sydney, with referee Ben O’Keefe (New Zealand) and assistants Paul Williams (New Zealand) and Nick Perry (Australia).
Argentina will make their debut on the 14th of next month against New Zealand At Bank West Stadium in Sydney at 3.10 in our country.

Competition Organized by Sanzaar, a body made up of the associations of the three participants in the competition and South Africa, which decided not to participate in the tournament, to become three countries instead of the rugby tournament.

South Africacurrent world champion, He does not participate because the Guild authorities considered that he would not present himself with the degree of preparedness required by the competition And due to the logistical problems that Springbook players who play in Europe will face to move to Oceania.

South Africa’s absence robs much of the championship By not partnering with the best team in the world today (who didn’t play a year ago), the number of matches has been reduced and for Sanzaar’s team it will be a huge loss of money.

one of Australia and New Zealand will also be the third match of the 2020 Bledisloe Cup what or what All of the forces of the ocean discord And what is defined? for the best four matches, Two in each country.

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In two games of great technical level, eIn the first game in Wellington, they tied 16-16, with overtime, both had a chance to win, and a clear victory for the All Blacks in Auckland by 20-7.

In those Monday matches Both teams showed great physical condition and at that point they would make a difference against Los Pumas because they were able to get a lot of action with Super Rugby. That the Australian and New Zealand franchises played locally.

New Zealand proved once again that they are an inexhaustible group of great players and that they are a team that does not forgive the mistakes of the opponent., with remarkable effectiveness when attacking a rival 22 yards.

In addition, the The All Blacks have added great characters such as Aaron Smith, Dan Coles, Sam Kani, Boden Barrett, Richie Monga and Anton Lennert Brown, a player who appears as “different” and destabilizing in the role of winger Caleb Clark., 21 years old, 1.89 meters and 107 kilos, a strong and sturdy wing that reminds us of the great Jonah Lomo.

AustraliaWith men of a level Michael Hooper, James O’Connor, Marica Corbett, and with some promising appearances as Ned Hannigam, has played a great match at Wellington With great aggressiveness in contact and plenty of power, despite his disappointment in the second half in Auckland.

Coach Dave Rainey decided that Australia will be formed with Dan Haileit Betty; Filippo Dogono, Jordan Pitaya, Ira Simon, Marica Corbett; Noah Lolisio and Nick White; Harry Wilson, Michael Hooper and Ned Hannigan; Matt Philip and Lukhan Salakaya Lotto; Alan Alalawa, Brandon Benga Amosa, and James Slipper. for this part, Ian Foster chose these fifteen from all blacks: Bewden Barrett; Jordi Barrett, Anton Lennert Brown, Jack Goodhue and Caleb Clark; Richie Muonga and Aaron Smith; Hoskins Sototo; Sam Kahn and Shannon Frizzell; Samuel Whitelock and Patrick Tuipoloto; Ofa Tuungafasi, Dane Coles, and Karls Tu’inukuafwe.

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Ledesma, according to Los Pumas

Fitness Trainer Mario Ledesma was satisfied What has been done by Pumas won the Rugby Australia selection, by 19 to 15, at A friendly match was held in preparation for the team’s debut in the Three Nations. “There are things to count on and keep getting better. The result was good and all the boys had difficult roles., Everyone They did better than expectedThe expulsion said as reported by the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR).

Pumas prevailed 19-15 against Rugby Australia Selection. Press UAR

according to The situation the team went through when preparing in an atypical way for this competitionThe coach added:We feel proud to be here and do it for everyone who is in Buenos Aires You are going through a tough time. Meeting with those in the bubble who came from Europe would be a very beautiful moment for everyone.” In the coming days, the 13 players who play for European clubs will complete quarantine and be able to join the rest of the squad..

While, The captain of the team that played the friendly half, Thomas Copley, conducted an analysis of the match: “We couldn’t decide at first. We created a lot of chances and it didn’t affect the whole team because we kept trying until the end. I also left defending the score, which is important.”

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