La fresque est installée sur l'un des murs de l'espace culturel Yvon Luby, du nom de l'ancien maire d'Allonnes

Lusitanos d’Allonnes presents a typical Portuguese mural of the city

It’s a fine-sized work of art that catches the eye: the wall of Yvonne Lupe’s cultural space, named after the former mayor of Alon who died in 2017, is now decorated withLarge fresco panel of decorative ceramic tiles “Azulego”. The association Les Lusitanos d’Allonnes, which aims to promote Portuguese traditions, wanted to celebrate 40 years of its existence by presenting this beautiful feat of the municipality signed by a Portuguese workshop that is more than a century old and visible for some days on the facade of a cultural space which is also the headquarters for the Assembly. “It is the tradition of decorating the homes of Portugal, which dates back to the 19th century and earlierexplains Fernando Villella, who has headed the association since its founding in 1981.

Musical and festive opening ceremony

The mural opened on Saturday, July 31, about discerning guests, concerts, sardines and of course the port glass, always in moderation … and not without nostalgia for Fernando Villella. “This mural tells the whole story of a Portuguese people but the idea above all is to present, to present a work of art to the municipality to thank them for all the support we have had since the establishment.from the association.Today, with nearly 500 members of various nationalitiesThe association organizes many cultural, gastronomic and musical meetings.

A symbol of the multicultural richness of our city Mustafa Nafeh, deputy mayor of the municipality

For Alon Deputy Mayor Mustafa Nafi, this mural is a tribute to last year’s Portugal, with a representation of fishing and the culture of the fields, but also, in a bit, a tribute to the city’s history. “Initially, Alon was a small village in Sarthe that saw, through economic development in the 1960s and 1970s, the arrival of the Sarth peasants, people from Portugal and North Africa.Mustafa Nafeh says.That this mural is on Alon, in a very symbolic place for all residents, is a symbol of the multicultural richness of our city. It is the story of our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers today.

The mural is a scene of a past life in Portugal © Radio France
Camille Hobbenoir

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