La Fête de la science 2021 CEMES, October 1, 2021, Toulouse.

Flag Day 2021
From Friday 1 October to Monday 11 October in Simes
### Fête de la science celebrates its 30th anniversary! **Meet Scientists From All Over Occitanie** The 30th edition of the Fête de la science en Occitanie, October 1-11, 2021, invites the general public and schools to discover science through events, meetings and passions. ### Encounters with Scientists: Feelings Rendezvous across Occitanie For three decades, the Fête de la science has established itself as the unmissable event for all the curious: this fantastic festival presents more than 3,500 events across France. In Occitanie, no less than **110 cities** will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fête de la science this year. Remembrance under the slogan **”Passion of Discovery”**, the theme of this edition, which mobilizes **more than 2,000 scientists** for the occasion. Surprise, excitement, hope, disappointment, happiness… Scientists will share their daily life and passion through discussions, activities and presentations. Science villages will be established in each department and will provide amazing experiences ** to delve deeper into the heart of scientific research in the region **. This year, the Nîmes Science Village will be the main hands-on science festival in Occitanie, offering many activities. ### Fête de la science takes place in high schools… and separates truth from falsity in popular culture. On this anniversary, Operation 30 Years, 30 High Schools will provide interventions in **high schools in 13** departments** of the Occitanie region to separate truth from error in **movies, series and video games*** favored by young people. In the form of **sketches** and discussions, PhD students and researchers will lead these special moments of exchange from the Science Comedy Show. The opportunity to discover research in a new light and show that science allows us to better understand our world. And even your favorite characters! ### Benjamin Roche, Health Environment Specialist: Regional Ambassador Benjamin Roche is a health and disease environment specialist at the MIVEGEC Laboratory in Montpellier and ** Director of Research at IRD. ** He is a member of the IPBES, an international group of experts on biodiversity. He is very present in the media field for his participation in ** understanding the Covid-19 pandemic in relation to human and animal health. ** ### Broadcasting live from across France for this 30th edition of the Science Festival, Fred Courant and journalists from Spirit Sorcerer will be hosting the daily **Science Live** event. ** On October 9, the show will be double-sided with Montpellier ** and will present a large interactive quiz on research in Occitanie and discussions with Occitanie Ambassador Benjamin Roche. ### Scientific Discovery in Comics In the form of comics, a book published specifically for the Fête de la science will reveal the daily lives of doctoral students. You can find the research work of two PhD students from Occitanie: ** Olivia Dorado (University of Toulouse Jean Jaures) and Deborah Federico (University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier). ** ### More information Find all the events on the sites []( and above [](


CEMES 29 Rue Jeanne Marvigue, 31400 Toulouse, France Toulouse-Haute-Garonne

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