At 25, she opened my Biocoiff salon within a year, discover her testimony

At 25, she opened my Biocoiff salon within a year, discover her testimony

Young businessman under the age of thirty, Tiffany Nero Just opened, on July 19 in Marseille, the second Biocoiff show in less than a year. Find out her career, and the reasons behind it Open the Biocoiff Trade Show” and its certification as a multi-brand license holder.


Biocoiff’ is the first concept of a certified organic and ecological vegan hair salon.

The First Organic & Vegetable Hair Styling Franchise – Professional Vegetable Coloring for 15 Years – Professional Vegetable Colors – Complete Training

Quick success for the first Biocoiff show

Professional hair stylist Tiffany Nero He started his career in a traditional hair salon for seven years before discovering Organic hair and vegetable salon concept Developed by Biocoiff’. It was an allergy to chemicals used in traditional salons that led her to seek a salon that used healthy and natural products. She is set at the Biocoiff Salon on Rue Haussmann in Paris, and will work there for two years before considering Open your own hair salon. A project she is implementing in August 2020 by opening her salon Biosoiff’ in Chantilly (Waz).

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Offering organic, vegan, ethical and ecological hairdressing, Salon Bicoiff in Chantilly was an instant success, which encouraged the young entrepreneur to consider opening a second salon. « Chantilly’s show did really well from the startAnd She explained. I already had dates even before opening, with help from the franchisee, and then it went up. I made my decision eight nine months after opening, when I saw that it was doing really well. ”

Second opening in a year

With the support of its network, it will embark on this new entrepreneurial venture by opening Biocoiff exhibition in MarseilleOn the rue du Prado. She explained that she chose to stay in Marseille because of the great potential that the city offered. With the opening of this second show, Tifany Niro will now have to manage two locations that are, moreover, very far away. To move her Biocoiff salon in Marseille, she will therefore rely on a team of the manager and two hairdressers, including one of the apprentices. She also plans to be there for five weeks to launch and then come one week a month.

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While the opening of this new Biocoiff showroom in Marseille is imminent, the young entrepreneur says she is confident, in particular because she already has good experience and knowledge of the Biocoiff concept. “ I know which way to go.”, Emphasizes. If she is confident, it is also because, as with the opening of the Biocoiff salon in Chantilly, thanks to the pre-opening process carried out by its network, it already has clients even before the opening.

Watch Tiffany Nero’s video interview:

Demonstrates Tiffany Nero’s Entrepreneurial Success The Importance of Biocoiff’s Show and the ability of the Network to support Licensees in their development and in particular inOpening of many trade fairs. The Biocoiff brand was created in 2005 and has been available to independent entrepreneurs under the brand license since 2016. Since then, the network has grown across France by welcoming and supporting entrepreneurs who desire, such as Tiffany Nero Open their own organic and vegan hair salon. To learn more, go to the Biocoiff Network presentation sheet.

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