The need to defend the quality of scientific information |  science |  news |  the sun

The need to defend the quality of scientific information | science | news | the sun

sFollowing this interview, which elicited strong reactions from its members, the Association expressed its concerns about the journalistic treatment of the interview between the host and Dr. Raoult in a letter to Radio Canada. This letter, signed by the chief scientist of Quebec, Rémy Kerrion, raises questions about the journalistic treatment assigned to Dr. Raoult, which was deemed inconsistent with established standards.

The Ombudsman’s response, made public, asserts that this interview in fact violated Radio Canada’s journalistic standards and practices, which are accuracy, fairness, balance, impartiality and integrity in journalistic activities. As a science journalist for 15 years, Marin Corneo has called upon the mission and role of journalists in our public service when it comes to science.

Since then, Marine Corneau has received messages of harassment, insults and intimidation from people who present themselves as defenders of Didier Raoult and who consider the complaint and the ombudsman’s reproaches towards Stefan’s office to be acts of censorship and promotion of individualistic thought.

While not surprised by this turn of events, the ACS considers it completely unacceptable for one of its members to be the victim of online insults or stalking in the course of their duties. For more than 40 years, ACS has advocated and will continue to advocate for its members who help the public in Quebec have access to quality scientific information and can make informed decisions.

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