Ponts-et-Marais: bar, bike rental, poolside co-working space with La Source

Thierry Lambrik (left) meeting with Clemence, Theo, Dimitri and their association led to the birth of La Source, a space for relaxation, meetings and work centered around the values ​​of well-being. (© L’Informateur / L’Eclaireur)

The sun is falling hard on pedestrians’ heads, this Thursday, July 22, 2021. On the new asphalt of the Sea-Glass path, tourists and residents roam in poles or in small groups.

at the local level Petit Marais, Close Ponts-et-Marais (Seine-Maritime) As they walk near an industrial building there are three in their 30s (or nearly) to keep passersby. Invitation, free lemonade, here introduced pedestrians to a concept Source, a bonding tape just created at the edge of the puddles.

Because this new place, in the same space of work, relaxation and luxury, deserves some explanation. Opened on July 14, 2021, it is an innovative project for the territory.

Les Zinzolins, Dimitri, Clémence and Théo offer passersby lemonade to encourage them to discover La Source
Les Zinzolins, Dimitri, Clémence and Théo offer passersby lemonade to encourage them to discover La Source (© L’Informateur / Actu.fr)

Four Parisians and one Eudois at the helm

At the origin of this initiative, we found four young Parisians: MercyAnd TheoAnd Dimitri And Eugenie. They work in communications, catering or the NGO sector, and they are in the process of retraining.

“We are four friends who spent the confinement near Rouen. Together, we asked ourselves questions and thought of a joint project.”

Dmitriy RabinMember of the Association Les Zinzolins

Accustomed to Parisian union structures such as Les Grands Voisins or La Cité Fertile, they, in turn, wanted to “create a place that embodies our identity and values, around the concept of luxury”.

Bar, restaurant, banquet hall…

Concretely: a co-living and catering space capable of hosting parties and events around nature, alternative medicine or even local solidarity.

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Founded in an association, ZinzolinFor a year, the four Parisians worked on a strategy to consolidate their presence in the region. In need of a local relay, they met Thierry Lambrick, also in his thirties, is a former nature guide and communications specialist.

This old, unused industrial building, in which the association placed its funds, is then discovered, creating La Source.

“La Source is the supporting structure for the project. The name echoes a place where life is born, a source of well-being, creativity and action. The operating plan is that of the cooperative venue, which is managed by the association Les Zinzolins.”

Thierry LambrickSource

Because to allow the project to continue, it had to be made profitable. The solution was found by making the source a workspace.

15 to 20 offices are open at the beginning of the school year

“The first step is to interview the residents and know their expectations in order to improve the project. The second is to open a co-working space of 15 to 20 offices at the beginning of the school year, when the fibers are installed.”

Thierry Lambrick

Meanwhile, Les Zinzolins occupy the space and take advantage of the proximity of ponds to help residents discover La Source. And to feed the barge, nothing like the artisanal lemonade I make Theo EberHead chef.

“The goal is also to gain memberships in the association and draw attention to the opening of the co-working space. It is vital to the continuity of the project.”

Theo EberMember of the Association Les Zinzolins

Local producers in the network

This contact phase has really paid off, as evidenced by the name wall where visitors left messages and ideas. Some local artisans have already played the game: two breweries, a artisanal cannery producer, or a bicycle repairman.

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Concerts were also held on site, which several companies are considering hiring for seminars. Positive vibes give hope for great things in Petit-Marais, where a new source of projects has just been born.

Installed on La Source, Jérôme is taking advantage of the summer to work on bikes with his equally passionate son.
Installed on La Source, Jérôme is taking advantage of the summer to work on bikes with his equally passionate son. (© L’Informateur / L’Eclaireur)

Jerome, a bicycle repairman, joined the project

Among the first to join the project was born with La Source, bicycle repairman Jerome Barthelemy. Based in Mesnil-Réaume, it nonetheless has one thing in common with the four urban Zinzolins: Like them, it is in the process of reversing.
“I worked at Verescence, but my midlife crisis made me consider a second career,” he explains. I have always been passionate about cycling, hence the idea to set up a repair shop and dealership.”
Jerome Barthelemy, who first got his start on a mobile workshop project in a truck, began observing chemin des étans and his new bike path. Finally, a meeting with Thierry Lampreck speeded things up.
“My project aligns well with the principle of La Source, and is also to serve as a springboard,” he continues. In addition, the practice of cycling fits well with the four pillars of well-being that xenzoline promotes.”
vintage bikes
For Rent
Jerome tours collecting old bikes from individuals and companies, and repairs them in his workshop. Her specialty: homemade vintage models.
“I’m in a partnership with Serge Labbe, a great collector who has provided me with ten vintage bikes available for rental,” he confirms. But for repairs, I like to fix a €10,000 bike as I do an old Peugeot.”
Installed in the main barn at La Source, Jérôme Barthélémy repairs an old biclous with the help of his son, while waiting to move into an enclosed room. “I can equip and decorate it to my liking. I am not trying to create a shop of the current type, I am trying to create a workshop like you could see from yesterday.”
As for the mobile workshop project, it is still on the agenda. “It will allow me to complete my low season show and work with the communities and businesses.”

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Mobile course workshop. Contact: [email protected] or phone. 06 25 90 17 30.

Source. Rue du Petit-Marais in Ponts-et-Marais, on the D49, near EQIOM Bétons. Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] or via Facebook.

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