Luna Rossa raises the white flag and flees New Zealand.  Here's what happened

Luna Rossa raises the white flag and flees New Zealand. Here’s what happened

The exciting 2021 America’s Cup is about to drop the curtain Team New Zealand That, having secured the decisive pillar yesterday, he has won another point that will show him a 6-3 score. Luna Rossa once again with pride and heart, but that is not enough against a very strong New Zealand boat that won another regatta race to scoop match point hoping to close the already existing accounts in the next regatta.

During the Italian night, in fact, only one test was in dispute because at that time it was impossible to conduct the 10th regatta for both vessels due to the sudden collapse of the wind. To win the America’s Cup, you need to score 7 successes with the New Zealand experts who now see the goal very close, in all respects: Red Moon You just need to hope for a sporting miracle that is still possible but objectively challenging against a New Zealand boat that has proven its ability to combine strength, speed and experience.

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As always, Luna Rossa is good at first and puts herself in front of the opposite boat even if with a slight advantage. New Zealand does not abandon the Italians and reaches the elbow to its penultimate ass. Nice maneuver Chico Bruni Take the kiwi out with the Italian boat that manages to turn forward. But something goes wrong with Luna Rossa who finds herself having to defend the left side of the course thinking she made the right decision. Indeed, the bitter and cynical defeat of Spiethel and his comrades will soon be over.

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In fact, in the second downwind, the wind rotates on the right side where the New Zealand team is located. This variable plays in favor of new Zeland Which seems to put the turbo and at the mark, the advantage is around 150 metres. The Kiwi quickly runs towards and crosses the finish line first, returning the deserved point which brings contention to the 6-3 segment that puts their way down and Luna Rossa is so uphill, now she can’t help but cling to hope.

On the Italian night, in fact, the 10th Regatta will take place with all the blue crew members called into the company at least to raise the feud to 6-4 and to keep the low odds alive to be able to win the match. America’s Cup That looks today firmly in the hands of New Zealand.

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