Computer hacking: New Zealand central bank victim of intrusion

Computer hacking: New Zealand central bank victim of intrusion

New Zealand’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), announced on Sunday that it is facing an emergency computer attack. The bank said it had illegally accessed a third-party file-sharing service, which the central bank uses to share and store some sensitive information. It is possible that the intruder(s), currently unknown, have gained access to sensitive business and personal information.

But Governor Adrian Orr confirmed that the breach was contained. “We are working closely with national and international cybersecurity experts and other relevant authorities as part of our investigation and response to this malicious attack.”

Now the Bank’s ‘key functions’ remain strong and operational. The system has been disconnected from the internet to be safe and investigations to begin.

In August, the operator of the New Zealand Stock Exchange was hit by a cyberattack. The stock exchanges had to be suspended for four days, during the entire period of announcing their results by the listed companies.

In a report last February, the New Zealand Central Bank estimated the cost of cyber attacks and cyber incidents to the banking and insurance sector at between 80 million and 140 million zlotys (between 47 and 83 million euros).

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