New Zealand plans a match against the United States in October

New Zealand plans a match against the United States in October

The pandemic has had financial implications for most economic sectors, and rugby was no exception. Yeah New Zealand has numbers in red, which is left to the rest of the elliptical planet. That is why in order to add a few more dollars of Kiwi Union Plans matches, beyond the November windowTo fatten the wallet.

According to the audience NZ Herald On your website idea The United States will face on October 23outside the november window At the Elegant Stadium, which has a capacity of 70,000 seats, Las Vegas Raiders NFL Stadium. To do that, we’ll have to wait until May for the NFL teams to announce their game season and there’s the idea of ​​the All Blacks returning to North American territory.

Kiwi appeared twice in the lands of North America. The first was in 2014 and they beat the local team by 74 to 6, the second was against Ireland with a loss of 40-29, both games were played in Chicago and had an overall success, so it seems with good eyes that these blacks. People appear again on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

The Herald reports that The All Blacks XV, announced last March as the second team, can be used to take on the Eagles from the United States, after COVID-19 prevented the team from appearing last year. However, All Blacks is still an option. to confront the Americans.

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Meanwhile, the clash against Wales at the Principality Cardiff Stadium will take place a week later, on October 30. The two games against USA and Wales, which are outside the designated Test windows for World Rugby, will add an additional $2–3 million per match to the NZR coffers through broadcast income, ticketing and sponsorship.

The games will also bring the total number of games in the year-end round for the All Blacks to five, with Ian Foster’s team already slated to face France, Italy and Ireland. The Herald also reported that NZR is considering a two-Test series against Fiji and a one-off match between North and South as a substitute in case Italy cannot travel to New Zealand to face the All Blacks in the July window.

Fiji is already scheduled to face the All Blacks once in July, but could be called up to fill the void if the global pandemic prevents Italians from making the trip within three months.

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