LUNA ROSSA fights, but the trophy lingers in New Zealand

17/03/21 – Auckland (NZL)
The 36th American Cup presented by Prada
America’s Cup Match – Race Day 7
Emirates Airline New Zealand team, GH Mumm Champagne

The Emirates Airline New Zealand team is the winner of the 36th edition of the Copa America presented by Prada. On Day of Wonderful Show he defeated Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli for the seventh time, who fought to the end not to give up.

Luna Rossa and Te Ruhetai have given birth to ten amazing races, which will be remembered in the history of the Cup because such an animated fight is the scene that Auld Mug deserves. There will certainly be some regrets, but the Italian team led by Max Serena showed its great value, the skill of the crew with their archers Jimmy Spethiel and Francesco Bruni, the skill of the designers and the entire beach team provided support. In the end the score. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli conquered the role of the Challenger at the end of the PRADA Cup in which she saw the protagonist in decisive moments and able to improve and grow in performance at each new meeting and after every break. On his way to the match, we must remember the semi-final win against American Magic with four wins, zero and the final against INEOS TEAM UK with seven wins to one. Luna Rossa proudly raised the Italian flag, a boat with lots of Italian craftsmanship and a very Italian crew, and kept Italy awake for several nights, a testament to her love for the sport of sailing.

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The Emirates Airline team in New Zealand won their home waters, managing all the expertise the team had accumulated over many years of participating in the big event and making the most of the “homeland factor”, the nation’s waters, on which they made the boat and the choices. Skipper Peter Berling must be recognized for having skillfully steered his boat towards this outcome. New Zealand won the match four times, as a defender in this edition and in 2000, as a Challenger two more times: in 1995 and 2017.

15/03/21 – Auckland (NZL)
The 36th American Cup presented by Prada
America’s Cup match – 5th race day
Team Emirates Airline New Zealand, Team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli

America’s Regatta Cup

For Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the regatta “must win”. We’re running in field A, where we haven’t seen any overtakes yet: starting at the top becomes very important to the bottom line. Luna Rossa enters from the left, chased seconds later by the Emirates Airline New Zealand team, who, according to a now-usual pattern, is deceiving and following her. Luna Rossa is running out of time to put herself more or less on the main line leading to the commission. Peter Burling instead decided to create a detachment and transformation, searching for free air downwind in Luna Rossa. On approaching the New Zealand line, he tries to push the Italian boat but Jimmy Spethyl’s management is practically perfect, timing and site selection, the Italian boat could not have worked better. The two boats cross the equal line but New Zealand immediately veers to the right, which is which side it prefers. Luna Rossa sails well, but on the right, New Zealand has a bunch of little winds that take it a few meters in front of the Italian boat. Luna Rossa, trailing but fighting, searches for the wind to the right and finds her. At the gate of the first strike, Luna Rossa is seven seconds behind in search of a fast track, very difficult to find. At the beginning of the first stern the kiwi stretches, then the Luna Rossa approaches and at the first tailgate the game is played again: the Italian boat has no space and speed to exchange buoys and slows down in the turbulent air. Although it only exceeded 9 inches from the New Zealand boat, it is in a difficult position. It is unable to approach upwind, and the gate is 22 seconds delayed. Now the race appears decisive, and Luna Rossa did not find the overtaking path required to turn the score around. He fights, but the clock is relentless, at the fourth gate his delay was 37 seconds, the fifth of 49, the arrival of 46. The 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada ended.

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And give
Zone – A.
Left – Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli
Distra – Emirates Airline New Zealand team
Axis – 45 degrees
Length – 1.86 nm
Current – 0.2 knots 349 degrees
Wind – 11/12 knots

America’s Cup data

Francesco Bruni – helmsman – Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli“It was a great experience, I want to congratulate the New Zealand team, they did a great job. Congratulations also to Luna Rossa, great team: We have proven to the world that we can do it. Things have gone bad in the past few days but our team has done a great job. I can. To say my experience is not over yet and I’m sure Patrizio Bertelli will want to try again, now we have a great experience and I’m really happy with the way she led this group. Thanks to Italy for all the support. ”

Jimmy Spethyl – Helmman – Prada Pirelli Red Moon
“Our team was great, I cannot thank all of them, especially the players who are struggling. It was a continuous campaign. The passion, passion and work ethic that Italians made from this challenge one of the most beautiful campaigns I participated in. I was lucky to have joined this Italian team. Obviously. Big congratulations also for New Zealand, well-deserved winners. ”

Peter Burling – Skipper – Emirates Airline New Zealand team
It is unreal. If you look at all of the people involved in this campaign, if you look at how many New Zealanders have supported us, it has been the most important thing to us in the world. We are amazed that we managed to reach this result and win the Copa America again, it was such a great experience.
We’ve been getting better all week. Our boat was really fast, and after the start and we took the right we proved it. ”

Blair Talk – Flight Superintendent – Emirates Airline New Zealand team
“I think I was 10 or 11 years old when the New Zealand team won in 2000, I was here on the field watching many players on the team have similar memories. Now I had the opportunity to sail for the New Zealand team and defend the cup. It was a great honor.”

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