The Crusaders crushed the Reds in a duel of champions

The Crusaders crushed the Reds in a duel of champions

In the most attractive duel for Second History of Super Rugby Trans Tasman The champions of both countries faced each other and there, as happens throughout the entire tournament, the New Zealand team showed the hierarchy. It is clear that the Crusaders defeated the Reds By 63-28.

The blues hit him In Auckland he has 48-21 And Eratax are disappointed That this year he does not find the way and that every match he appears suffers. The Heads At home they realized Brumbies by 40-19.

The Friday hurricanes Notice it clearly Victoria you are the rebels By 13-35 a while Highlanders beat Western power In which Santiago Medrano was, Tomás Cubelli (Author of a ry) And Domingo Meotti entry.

Red Crusaders 28-63 (Saturday)
Bring an oval ball and Richie Muonga will take care of the rest. The Reds’ opening saw another inspiring night, and in the duel of champions, it tipped the scale for the Christchurch champions. The author of 3 attempts and 8 transfers received all the applause on the Brisbane night. Sevu Reese scored two more victories while Colin Grace, Tamiti Williams and Cody Taylor left their mark on Ingwall. Adamás, they had a penalty in their favor in an attempt to end the win. In the building, which made up the score a little in the last 20 minutes, there were attempts by Tate McDermott, Harry Wilson, Solese Vnivalo and Brandon Bayinga-Amosa. James O’Connor has 4 wins to 7 points.

Those from Auckland win and settle in the top spots with two wins and bonuses in both matches. Heavenly Sydney wandering continues for a year that will be forgotten in the stats and the current evil of the domestic championship translates to crossing with kiwi. Bryce Heim was the Blues character with a hat-trick, and Tom Robinson, Kurt Eklund and Rico Ewan also made it to the goalkeeper and took a penalty. At the time of kicking sticks, Otere Black took on the commitment and hit 4 transfers and 1 penalty. For the Australians, attempts were made by Angus Bell, Jake Gordon and Dave Porecy, while Will Harrison made sure that the three wins were 7 points.

Heads 40-19 Brumby (Saturday)
Waikato’s FMG Stadium saw another victory for the Chiefs, this time against a fast-paced Australian team. Time was enough for the locals to fix the terms of victory. Attempts by Tupoa Vaa´i and 2 Luke Jacobson left the Presidents with a good lead that was expanded in the second half with the conquests of Damien McKenzie, Alex Nankivell and Anton Lienert Brown, Mc Kenzie put his signature on 5 transfers. For the visitors, Igual Lynn Ekitao, Bailey Kunzel and Rob Valentini accompanied Noah Lulicio came with two metamorphoses.

Hurricane 35-13 Rebels (Vernes)
Yellow scored a new victory and marched perfect against the rebels who did Lucio Sordone’s entry in 22 minutes of the sequel. Several winners came in with a 2 bid of Julian Savia, who became historically Hurricane Treeman. They also supported Injwall Billy Proctor, Wes Juison, and Asafo Omua. The transfers were responsible for Jordi Barrett (4) and Urbain Leisure (1). For the Australians, Michael Wells and Campbell Magnaey scored two attempts and Matt Tomoa made one transfer.

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Western Force 15-25 Highlanders (Fern)
Good defense, opportunism and definition marked the visitors’ victory. For those in Perth the headlines were Thomas Copelli, who scored the bid, and Santiago Medrano. Domingo Miotti entered the 22nd minute of the match For injury, Jake McIntyre added 1 penalty and one transfer. Another Australian attempt was by Angus Wagner. For visitors, the triumphs were the fruit of Jonah Nariki, Aiden Johnston and Scott Gregory. Mitch Hunt signed him for one diversion and one penalty kick.

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