America’s Cup: Why New Zealand Shines

Emmanuel Langelier, Media 365: Posted on Tuesday 09 March 2021 at 13:48

The US Cup 2021 kicks off Tuesday evening. The most successful competition for New Zealanders. Explain.

America’s Cup 2021 Tuesday night! Postponed until the end of February, Will finally be able to stage the first regattas of the 36th edition between Emirates Airline New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in Auckland Bay. American of Oracle winner (7-1) four years ago, the New Zealand team will be looking for a new coronation. Fourth to form a very strong in this event. “It’s a team where the culture of secrecy is very strong,” says L’Equipe Bertrand Passy, ​​captain of the second team on Team New Zealand in 2003. This culture allows them to innovate without others knowing it. They usually say, “If you talk, the boat sinks.” There, New Zealanders know each other, whether they are members of a team or another team. Also, no member of TNZ will never spark any innovation outside of the team. It’s a small anecdote but it tells of their state of mind. “

“They are constantly trying to make progress in the boat, to improve ergonomics and improve communication.”

For the French, the New Zealanders are very innovative. “All ideas are good, whether they come from a captain or a sailor or a mill (crane) or an engineer. There is never a problem, only solutions. They are constantly trying to make progress in the boat, improve the work environment, improve communication. They really have it in them. That is. He is the reason why they are often surprised. ”This was explained by Passy before the big departure against the Italians, who will try to achieve a third victory for Europe after the victory of Swiss Allenge in 2003 and 2007.

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“There are three important things: rugby, sailing and cricket. It’s their way of showing that they exist.”

In this America’s Cup, the New Zealanders are somewhere on “Mission”. New Zealand is a small country at the end of the world. There are three important things: rugby, sailing, and cricket. It is their way of showing their presence. This is the team with the most mutual aid and willingness to get there. That is also why the defeat in 2003 in Auckland was a tragedy, ”enlightens Passy, ​​referring to the setback that Alingy was subjected to. Before the start of this year, the Kiwis are under pressure. In 2017, they had nothing to lose. They were homeless. In the beginning, at the end they won. This year, at home, they have a lot of pressure. They were dominated by the Christmas race in December, but did they keep this advantage over the Italians who advanced so much? It is this ambiguity that gives the cup its beauty, ”confirms Bertrand Passé. We can’t wait to launch!

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