Guide de la gravure sur lost ark

Lost Inscriptions Guide

During your adventure leveling in Lost Ark, you definitely chose different pattern books with many possible options.

You hear here and there that you have to improve your engravings, which is important, but despite the explanations in the game, you can’t understand the mechanics and you get lost. No problem, take a large glass of water, and we will try to explain to you as simply as possible the principle of the inscriptions in Lost Ark, to help you understand what is undoubtedly the most complex mechanics of the game.

Update : This guide is effective as of Friday, February 18th.

What are inscriptions?

Simply put, in Lost Ark, the sprites are rather passive elements that will determine the way you play. And to activate it, it is necessary to accumulate the “points” that are called Knot Energy (Denoted by the small diamond that you will see later), in your devices to fill up to 3 levels of these passive elements.

For example here is the inscription “Total Attack”.

Like all patterns, “Total Attack” has three levels.

– You must reach 5 Chi Points in your devices (we will come back to this in the Equipment part) to check the first level of this inscription and activate the idle “Speed ​​of casting spells and skills + 5%. Damage + 4%.”
– With 10 nodes activated, you can unlock the second level “Speed ​​of spells and guidance skills + 10%. Damage + 10%.”
– And at the third 15 knots: “Speed ​​of spells and guidance skills + 20%. Damage + 20%.”

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The Engravings interface (which unlocks at level 27) looks like this:

Engraving interface

You can distinguish different levels of engraving every 5 knots, small diamonds.

In this example above, you can see that the first ‘Backfire’ clone has activated level 2 with 14 nodes and 1 node is missing to activate level 3. For the second ‘Reflux’ clone, there are 6 nodes, so the first level is active and 4 nodes are missing to activate Second Level. The “expert” has 5 nodes, the effect is also activated at level 1 (we will return to the red effect for energy reduction later).

If you have more or less than 5 nodes (diamonds) per level, that won’t change anything. For example, having 6 nodes or 9 nodes in a pattern will not activate level 2. Only at 5 nodes the first level is activated, at 10 nodes to activate the second level and at 15 nodes to activate the third level.

Conversely, having less than 5 nodes will not activate any bonus. For example, in the image below, “Balance” and “Thrust” only have two nodes, so no effects will take effect on your character.

The different types of inscriptions on the lost coffin

In the lost sarcophagus, inscriptions are grouped into two main categories.

class inscriptions

They are for classes and they are only two per class.
The choice between one pattern or another will greatly affect the gameplay and the stats that you will have to get from your devices at the end of the game.

For example here are two chapter inscriptions charming :

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