Do you use gesture navigation on your smartphone?

Do you use gesture navigation on your smartphone?

While all manufacturers now offer gesture navigation, have you taken the plunge or are you keeping the button navigation on your smartphone?

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra // Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

For several years now, manufacturers and publishers of operating systems have been offering gestural navigation systems. Apple was the first to drawiPhone X, which was launched at the end of 2017. Since then, it has become a standard on all smartphones of the manufacturer. Google didn’t take long to roll out, soon Android 9 (in 2018), its gesture navigation system for Android smartphones.

In the aftermath, all manufacturers participated in its implementation, and some offered a A system of gestures similar to those of Googlesome are a different system and still some give you the choice between Google’s system and their own.

Now, gesture navigation is often activated by default on commercially available Android smartphones. However, it is still possible to choose Nav button More classic, with a three-icon bar at the bottom of the smartphone screen. Manufacturers sometimes even allow you to choose the layout of these three buttons. If the Home key is always in the middle, one can choose between the back button on the right or left and the multitasking button on the left or right.

Gesture navigation gives you buttons?

In this context we wanted to know more about your preferred type of navigation on your smartphone. Do you use gesture navigation on your smartphone or are you stuck with those good old buttons? Is it a choice or an obligation of the manufacturer? In what order do the buttons appear on your smartphone? Tell us in our poll this week.

If you’d like to expand on your answer or tell us more, feel free to respond as well in the comments, there’s room for that. This article will be updated at the end of next week, and is an opportunity to share survey results with you and report on the most relevant comments.

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