Logan Paul Spent .5M On Fake Pokémon Cards, Apparently – Nerd4.life

Logan Paul Spent $3.5M On Fake Pokémon Cards, Apparently – Nerd4.life

Logan Paul In recent days, it has returned to the center of media attention due to other questionable exploits, in this case due to its existence I spent 3.5 million dollars in a box of pokemon card, which turned out to be False, But.

The story was divided into several stages, and each of them generated a large number of discussions, tweets, social shares, etc.: first about the fact that $3.5 million was spent on Pokémon cards, then on suspicion, these turned out to be false and finally on confirmation (at least at the time current) is false, but there is already another stage in the pipeline, the stage of the meeting with BBCE which would have ensured that the cards were correct. Hopefully at this point this match doesn’t turn into a boxing match, this has become Paul’s prerogative.

All this attention is clearly doing nothing but good for the YouTuber-turned-boxer-talkers, who in this way garnered more views for all the different stages of the story, from purchase to evacuation alive. Ironically, it is difficult not to think that everything has been carefully orchestrated, but it must be said that the purchase would still be very expensive even if it was an “investment” of this kind.

We’ll know more in the next few days, however, considering that in one of his recent tweets, Logan Paul claimed he had Check the case With the Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE) of Chicago, the company that guaranteed the authenticity of the products in the box, giving the green light to the millionaire purchase. we will see.

Just a few days ago, the same character was discussed as having “sacrificed” 15 Game Boys to create a table, infuriating Nintendo console fans and generally looking back, even if the final work wasn’t bad, honest.

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