5 movements that you should incorporate into your daily life to live longer, according to two scientists

5 movements that you should incorporate into your daily life to live longer, according to two scientists

Aisha and Dean Sherzai, neurologists nicknamed “thebraindocs” on Instagram, share five habits that you should follow as regularly as possible to move and thus improve your health.

Do you believe that radical changes in long and complex habits and procedures will help you improve your health and increase your longevity? Think again. You can contribute simply by washing the dishes, for example. This was confirmed by two American neurologists in a post on their Instagram account on April 23. Aisha and Dean Sherzai, “thebraindocs” on the social media network, offer five actions that you can incorporate into your daily life for a longer life. Simple habits that you should follow regularly.

Go up the stairs

The first action recommended by scientists: take the stairs instead of the elevator. In addition to being an exercise that improves our cardiovascular system, this habit “strengthens your legs.”

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Stay up late

Neurologists recommend taking our calls or sending our emails while standing and taking the opportunity to stretch our legs. The stakes are high: French adults spend an average of twelve hours a day sitting on workdays, and nine hours on holidays, according to France's National Observatory of Physical Activity and Sedentary Life (Onaps). However, a sedentary lifestyle kills; It increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. When working sitting, it is recommended to get up once every hour and walk for 1 to 5 minutes.

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Make circles with your arms

Another simple move you can do anywhere, anytime: “Extend your arms out to each side and slowly make circles, making them bigger.”

for walking

In front of our favorite program, neurologists recommend “walking in place.” the goal? Always fight a sedentary lifestyle.

Scrub and squat

You can take advantage of different, fairly constant daily activities to activate your muscles and your entire body. Practically? Both neurologists recommend, for example, doing squats when washing dishes.

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