The miraculous rescue of the Voyager probe 24 billion kilometers from Earth

The miraculous rescue of the Voyager probe 24 billion kilometers from Earth

The Voyager 1 probe plunges into interstellar space at a speed of 60,900 km/h (artist's impression).

Decryption – NASA engineers have successfully reprogrammed the computer of the 1977 probe that is now exploring interstellar space beyond our solar system.

When the Voyager 1 probe began sending incomprehensible radio signals to Earth at the end of 2023, most NASA experts were extremely pessimistic about the chances of survival of this legendary exploration mission that was launched more than 46 years ago. One might be a fatalist and think that Voyager 1 has had its day, that it has operated longer than one could have hoped, having revolutionized knowledge about the world's giant planets. Solar system It was the first machine sent by man into interstellar space, this unexplored region between the stars where our sun no longer has influence. Despite this, the members of the mission team were so attached to this investigation that they stuck with it. They tried everything for months, finally achieving a technological breakthrough that allowed them to reconnect this week »“Enthuses Rosine Lallement, honorary astronomer at the National Center for Scientific Research…

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