The astronauts completed their spacewalk

The astronauts completed their spacewalk

Astronauts (far left) work on the Boesc module.

Today, at 10:33 pm Moscow time, members of the 71st long-distance expedition to the International Space Station, Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Shub, closed the exit hatch of the small research module “Poisk”.

During a permanent spacewalk 4 hours and 36 minutesthe astronauts transferred the adapter from the Zvezda service module to the Poisk module, attached the platform with the adapters to the Poisk and installed the adapter on the platform.

Then, on the Poisk unit, Oleg Kononenko And Nikolai Chub Installed scientific equipment Kvartz On transformer and scientific equipment TKK-how much On a platform with adapters and connected.

Kvarts equipment is designed to study and monitor space corrosion on the International Space Station as part of the Kvarts-M experiment. It will enable the identification of environmental factors and the identification of the most important areas and causes of spatial corrosion on station materials and structures.

TKK-KM equipment is a transformable spatial structure made of polymer composite materials with shape memory effect. During the Perspective-KM trial, it is planned that the framework will be deployed for testing.

In the multi-purpose laboratory unit”Nauka“, the astronauts opened the second panel of a small-sized radar designed to monitor the Earth as part of the Napor-miniRSA experiment for the benefit of environmental management, environmental control and emergency monitoring.

Moreover, in the Poisk unit, Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub dismantled one of the two containers of scientific equipment Biohazard-MSNwhich studies, during the Biorisk experiment, the influence of space factors on the state of substrate systems of microorganisms in connection with the problem of environmental safety of space technology and planetary quarantine, and deployed at a different location the Pressure and Deposition Monitoring Module, which measures the rate of deposition of pollutants on the outer surface of the International Space Station.

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They also took swab samples from the surface of the Naoka unit for the experiment Exam (Study of the possibility of developing partial destruction of structural elements of modules of the Russian International Space Station under the influence of components of its external atmosphere).

It's about Russian exit 72 (Scheduled No. 62) as part of the International Space Station project and the first in 2024. For Oleg Kononenko, this was the seventh outing of his space career, and the second for Nikolai Chub.

Since March 1965, 74 astronauts from the Soviet Union and Russia performed 173 spacewalksincluding 168 with national spacesuits.

Source and image credit: Roscosmos

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