Lockdown, so what?  Young photographer from Bad Zell makes art a digital experience

Lockdown, so what? Young photographer from Bad Zell makes art a digital experience

Bad zell. It was supposed to be a festival that young photographer Sebastian Froehlich wanted to present his photo gallery in Schladming. The long lockdown prevented that, but there’s no reason Bad Zeller should cancel it all: the artist now submits his work online and can be accessed for free on Instagram.

“I want to make art digital tangible for everyone. With my virtual exhibition, I set an example: Art continues to exist and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it,” says Sebastian Froehlich.

from natural …

Some of his photos are dedicated to nature. He displays the motifs created on his travels through New Zealand and Iceland, among other things: landscapes span with subtle color, driftwood structures appear as consistent patterns and natural patterns of icy surfaces matched to the constellation of the picture. The approach behind it: “Nature is the greatest artist.”

… for artistic photography

The second part of the exhibition is devoted to artistic photography – the hobby horse of the photographer and artist. The photos show arrangements of everyday objects like stair-like matches or typical foods that cast unexpected shadows. In another part of the exhibition, the eye is directed towards the human body, which manifests itself as an artistic object by combining elements such as cloth and duct tape.

Simple and not intrusive

Instead of being intrusive, all of the images have a minimal presence and provide space for astonishment and observation. Beneath each work are short lyric texts by poet Joanna Schmidt. This forms a starting point for perspective on images and highlights atmospheric actions with words. You can find photos of Fröhlich on Instagram under froe_sebastian profile. Once the restaurant opens, the exhibition can be viewed at the Brunner Hotel in Schladming.

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Sebastian Froehlich is a trained filmmaker with a love and passion for photography. He is currently studying digital design with a focus in photography at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Previously he studied cinema in Vienna and worked on national and international projects. After several years of professional experience in food photography and graphic design, it was time to give his ideas and creations more space. As a freelance artist, the 27-year-old displays his works neatly arranged in galleries and digital galleries. Born in Bad Zeller, he left part of his heart in Schladming, which he called his home for nearly three years.

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