Let’s Take a Look at the Evolution of Cinema

Let’s Take a Look at the Evolution of Cinema

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Cinema has come such a long way since it originated all the way back in the 1800s. The last 200 years have been marked with a lot of creative experimentation and there have also been a lot of technological advancements too. If you want to find out more, carry on reading.

The Moving Image

The magic lantern shows began in the 1600’s and they essentially paved the way for cinema. Pictures were painted on glass and then they were projected by a lantern. This lantern started the movement that would eventually go on to create the very first projector. From that point onwards, more and more people began to find ways to make things move. You had the thaumatrope and you also had the zoetrope as well.

Silent Era

The silent era took things to that next level. A lot of boundaries were pushed during this time and it also helped to shape the eras that were to come as well. Movies were just in black and white and some of them were filmed just on a single reel of tape.

The Rise of Mobile Phones

Another thing that has changed the movie scene drastically is the rise of mobile phones. Mobile phones now make it easier than ever to watch movies on the go, and in a way, this has hindered the growth of cinema. That being said, it has also paved the way for movie giants such as Netflix.  The casino industry has also been through a similar evolutionary process. People are migrating from physical casinos to playing games on mobile devices, fuelling entire websites which are dedicated to mobile-friendly games. The Spin online casino is just one of them, but it just goes to show what a journey the entertainment industry has been on.

The Great War and Hollywood Cinema

The Great War gave birth to the Hollywood scene. American Cinema dominated quite a lot at this point, and it comes as no surprise. Around this time, MPPC made it very difficult for small companies to survive and famous players started to make a huge impact. The demand for movies soon became too great and this made it possible for smaller companies to emerge. That being said, a lot has certainly changed since then and now even the smallest of production companies are able to leave their mark on the scene.

West is Best

As the years went by, Americans started to want more stories. It became difficult to make all the movies individually, so independent producers saw it beneficial to merge with one another. You had Bison, Nestor and even IMP as well.  Before anyone knew it, the Universal Company was born.  With this merger, Hollywood boomed. Hollywood soon became the universal movie hub and major studios began making mass films. They gave each movie a director and a producer, without giving much thought to the details themselves. This helped them to make much more of a movement and it also meant that they could churn out movies at a higher rate. The US began to make movies that marked some of the darker times that the country had experienced as well, which helped to mark a new era for filmmaking.

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