Local residents interact with Jean-Trebossen space development project in Theix-Noyalo - Theix-Noyalo

Local residents interact with Jean-Trebossen space development project in Theix-Noyalo – Theix-Noyalo

In Theix-Noyalo, three public walks have already taken place, in Noyance, on the Route du Pont in Noyalo and at Poteau Rouge. It is up to the municipality team to discuss future developments with residents.

Residents of the Jan Tribosen district were invited on Friday 4 June by Christian Seipel, the mayor and his team, in front of the city’s stadium. The topic of this meeting? Site rehabilitation. For this fourth meeting, a visual aid was installed for the development carried out in Liffré (Ile-et-Vilaine): a landscaped garden surrounded by buildings.

The mayor said: “These are general purposes, the geometry of the land is the same as this; we will reflect with the delegated design offices. The multi-sports stadium (city stadium) will be removed by the end of June and replaced between the Jean Touzi room and the football stadium.”

Residents’ reactions

“We chose to live here because it is quiet. Theix’s picture is that of a dwelling town. She goes out at night, she’s dead.”

The residents took the floor and strongly emphasized the diverse and sometimes opposing positions. “I arrived at Theix 3-4 years ago: young people come to play here, it’s a fortune” or “Signed on September 1, 2020, I was told the area would never be built.. there will be noise (works) and traffic, the calm will not be sure If so, I’ll sell!” Another: “We chose to live here because it’s quiet. The picture of Theix is ​​the picture of a dwelling town. Go out at night, it’s dead. There, we will improve to increase the population and evacuate the young. This is the last green space of Theix.”

The mayor stressed commitments linked to the Scottish vote in early 2020, land pressure and the problem of social housing (SRU Act). “We are forbidden to build in an extension, here we are in a built-up area, this space is yours.” “Yes, but today we are feeling frustrated. Social housing will be built. Who will come to live? Let’s face it … ”A local resident replied.

The next visit of the municipal team will take place in the village of Gorvello.

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