Strange plants: they have invaded our gardens

Strange plants: they have invaded our gardens

The carts come and go to prepare the orders. Rates doubled in one year. In other words, in Seine-et-Marne, the demand for exotic plants and gardens has increased within five years according to Christophe Durand, CEO of Terre Lointaine Nursery in Saint-Léger-Les-Vignes (Loire-Atlantique). “From year to year, we are on an increase of 20-40%. This year, we are more than 100%,” the company director defines. And that, barely in six months.

In light of global warming, consumers require plants to make divisions, to withstand severe cold, extreme heat, and drought, with limited maintenance costs. The collection of exotic plants has grown exponentially in recent years. Scientific advances in crossbreeding have made it possible to obtain plants that grow twice as fast, sometimes with much higher temperature resistance. In ornamental plants alone, nearly 300 species are offered for sale, but selection is rare in regions where the minimum temperature drops below ten degrees.

In addition to ornamental plants, exotic fruit trees are also experiencing amazing success. This nursery quadrupled the space allotted to them. The show is limited to lemon and orange trees, ten years ago, the show varied greatly. Fads cooking shows have begun. Especially popular are yuzu, Buddha’s hand, or lemon caviar.

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