Can artificial intelligence realize itself?

A dream whose prospect still divides the scientific community. Some believe that the nature of artificial intelligence makes this possibility simply impossible. “Existing machinery engineering is not suitable for this.” Jean-Claude Heuden, a researcher in artificial intelligence. It is clear that this higher cognitive function would only be the prerogative of humans and evolved animals. Others, on the contrary, believe that progress machine learning And robotics (by giving AI the senses of sight, hearing, touch, etc.) will one day allow consciousness to emerge. “I see no objection in principle to artificial brains acquiring some form of self-awareness. , estimates e.g. Jean-Paul Delahaye, researcher at the Center for Research in Computer Science, Signaling and Automation of Lille (Cristal, CNRS). But for now, we are far from that. ” It is possible that this is the conclusion reached by researchers (including Stanislas Dehaene, of the Collège de France) who have estimated, in an issue of the journal Science Dedicated to the challenges of neuroscience, this awareness would just be an extra layer of computation to be provided, so nothing would be out of reach.

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Originally published March 2020.

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