Security, atmosphere or Wi-Fi .. Biden-Putin summit is preparing in Geneva -

Security, atmosphere or Wi-Fi .. Biden-Putin summit is preparing in Geneva –

Preparations for the June 16 summit meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are in full swing in Geneva. The airspace over the city will be largely closed during the meeting, says NZZ am Sonntag.

Preparatory sessions were held at the end of this week to unify the summit. It must be said that time is running out ten days before the meeting, and while there are still a certain number of unknowns, particularly where the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will take place. A decision will be made in this regard within the next week.

It is currently the Eaux-Vives district, near the lake, that holds the rope. Several media outlets over the weekend talked about the restaurant in the Parc des Eaux-Vives. But other venues are in the pipeline, including Villa La Grange, located in the adjacent park. Several black cars were also seen there and their occupants made a kind of exploration among the surprised pedestrians.

In addition, between the requirements of the Americans and the Russians and the requirements of the Union, Geneva can be brought in to do work by June 16 to adapt the selected places. For example, installing wifi when it does not exist, returning the route to the site or even diverting existing fixtures. It’s a puzzle that Bern should take care of financially if necessary.

Great security resources

Significant resources will also be deployed at the security level, while more than 1,000 people are expected to be in Geneva to ensure the security of the two heads of state, as well as the Swiss security forces.

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For its part, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (OFAC) is working on the details of closing Geneva airspace with the Swiss Air Force, air traffic controller Skyguide and several federal agencies, according to NZZ am Sonntag.

According to OFAC, this is a “well-established process similar to that of the World Economic Forum” in Davos. The newspaper said security forces had searched Eau Vives beach in Geneva in recent days, likely to install anti-aircraft equipment.

The Federal Council must also take a decision on the official deployment of the army next week, as was the case in particular during the Syrian summit in Montreux in 2014. For its part, the Geneva cantonal police leased a number of armored vehicles to the Swiss army.

Interview with Guy Parmelin and Ignazio Cassis

On June 16, Joe Biden, for the first time as president, is scheduled to meet his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in an atmosphere of tension between Washington and Moscow.

This anticipated meeting allows Switzerland to restore the organization of a pioneering summit, more than 35 years after the legendary meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, also in Geneva.

The US President will also take advantage of this summit to meet the President of the Federation, Guy Parmelin, as well as the Head of Diplomacy, Ignazio Cassis. Officially, nothing has yet been decided on the content of the discussions, but it must certainly be a question of international crises in the Middle East and Belarus.

The two countries should also agree on the importance of the multilateral system to which Donald Trump has turned his back, as well as the importance of Switzerland’s policy of good offices, which ensures the protection of US interests in Iran.

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