Live Stream / Italy Dominican Republic (Final 79-59) TV Video: Blues domination!

Live Stream / Italy Dominican Republic (Final 79-59) TV Video: Blues domination!

Live Italy Dominican Republic (Final 79-59) Dominio Degli Azzurri

Italy Dominican Republic It ends with the victory of the Azores, who imposed themselves on pResult 79-59. In the 30th minute of the game, Francis’s two free throws predicted 68-40. A minute later, Velez scored 68-42 and again, in the next action, Vitale makes one of two on the 69-44 streak. In the thirty-fifth, Francis tried to shorten his team: and he succeeded with a hat-trick, making the score 69-47. Soon after Spissu responded and again the trio of Francis, more and more clues into the final. But the last shot moves Martinez with three to close the match permanently. And Italy returns home with a well-deservedly important victory, wresting it with great determination and concentration. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

third fourth

Italy Dominican Republic Live at the beginning of the last quarter of the game. The third part of the match ended as the Italian team continued to advance. Partial restart beautiful reel beautifully recovered Milli, which was finally opened (44-30). tonut The protagonist is twenty-two with an unusual trilogy. Tonut again makes two plus one for 50-32. Fontecchio, two minutes later, scored a nice hat-trick. And from long distances, Millie makes the most of our national team. Pajula strengthens the blue team with a triple tie 61-32. Pajula again on the twenty-eighth for 64-34. Santos also scored, then Mendoza. The third quarter ends with a score of 66-38. Victory is a step away for Italy. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

end of the fourth second

I just finished the second quarter of Italy Dominican Republic. direct result Favorable for blue formation that leads to 42-30 . degree. Ready, go and on the twelfth, Santos will score 22-16. Fontecchio responds with a beautiful trilogy. Fontecchio again in the fourteenth to 29-19; Then Liz hit back and again by Araujo for 33-22. On the 16th, Henriques becomes the protagonist with a triple, pressing the Dominican Republic and trying to shorten the distance. However, on the eighteenth, Italy recovered and Tonut scored three times. The break ends with another blue trio, this time signed by Polonara. Thus, at the end of the second quarter, we are twelve points ahead. When Italy hits they grind points, but pay attention to the unpredictability of the Dominican Republic. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

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The end of the fourth half

Italy Dominican Republic 14-22A good first quarter by coach Mio Saketi Blues in the semi-finals of the pre-Olympic men’s basketball tournament in Belgrade. After a start in which the Dominican Republic was also in the lead, Italy managed to overtake and immediately tried to get a good margin of advantage, up to +8 which ended the first quarter of the game. Tomorrow last evening, chase participation in the Tokyo Olympics. So far in particular, Mannion and Dominican Torres stand out on the individual level, with each having 6 points, followed by Tonut at 5, while Polonara stands out for the three rebounds already laid out in the scoring sheet. So we can say that Italy Dominican Republic has started well for Azzurri, and now of course we must continue on that path… (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

Dominican Republic live broadcast for Italy, TV video broadcast: How do you see the match

Double chance for Neighborhood From Italy Dominican Republic, also entrusted to Rai Sport, and therefore unencrypted for all and with navigability on the official Rai Play website or app. In addition, there will be an appointment with satellite channels: Sky Sport Uno, channel number 201 from the set-top box, will broadcast the basketball match before the Olympic Games 2020. The semi-finals can be watched, obviously by subscribers, as well as the service Live video broadcast: There are no additional costs required from customers, just use your subscription data and activate the Sky Go app on mobile devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO STREAM ON RAIPLAY

Long live Italy Dominican Republic (0-0): one ball for two

We are here ready to live Italy Dominican Republic, Semi-finals of the Pre-Olympic Basketball Tournament in Belgrade: The Azzurri’s goal is to reach the final, then play everything tomorrow evening likely against hosts Serbia. The memory to throw away is the one that existed five years ago, in light of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics: at that time we had organized one of the pre-Olympics tournaments at our home in Turin and the challenge to compete for the only place available because Brazil should be between Italy and Greece and Croatia. We won the group stage against Croatia (and also with Tunisia), who then defeated Greece in the semi-finals while we had better than Mexico, but unfortunately the final saw the Croats win on July 9, 2016 with a score of 84. – 78 in overtime, the matter Who made the Olympics joke even more awful by Sharp. For now, however, this time we’re in the semi-finals, we think one match at a time: word to Belgrade Stadium, Italy begins Dominican Republic! (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

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Live Italy Dominican Republic: opponents

. live broadcast Italy Dominican RepublicLet’s try to say something more about our opponents, who are certainly not a well-known national basketball team. In the group stage, the Dominican Republic clearly lost to Serbia (94-76), but then qualified for the semi-finals thanks to a decisive 94-67 victory over the Philippines, a truly convincing success. Victor Les is perhaps the most dangerous of all names, scoring 16 points against Serbia and 23 against the Philippines, while another notable player is the Dominican of Spanish origin Mike Torres, whose club career has developed entirely in Spain. Choose the Dominican Republic. On a historical level, we should note instead that this Caribbean team has never managed to qualify for the final stage of the Olympics in men’s basketball, while in the World Cup it has three entries, closing in twelfth place in 1978 and thirteenth in 2014 and center 16th in 2019. The bronze medal at the 2011 American Championships and the silver medal at the 2003 Pan American Games are the best results in history. (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

The last time

While we are waiting for the live broadcast of Italy Dominican RepublicIt must be remembered that our national basketball team has not participated in the Olympics since Athens 2004, even if it is a great memory thanks to the silver medal won on that occasion by the boys of coach Carlo Recalcatti. Let’s take a dip 17 years ago and remember that in that Athenian summer, Italy finished second in Group A with three wins against New Zealand, China and Argentina compared to two defeats against Serbia, Montenegro and Spain. For Italy, this position meant crossing with Puerto Rico in the quarter-finals of those Olympics and the Azzurri won 83-70, then making a real masterpiece in the semi-final against Lithuania, which they lost 100-91. Unfortunately, Argentina’s second victory in the final, which they won 84-69, did not reach, leaving the Azzurri in second place and an unforgettable silver medal, which went to equal the place that Italy already had in basketball at the 1980 Moscow Olympics but when the States were United absent, Athens took third place. (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

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LIVE Italy Dominican Republic: to reach the final!

Italy Dominican Republic, at directly From Aleksandar Nikolic Hall in Belgrade (Serbia) at raw 13.00 This afternoon, Saturday 3 July 2021, is the first semi-finals Championship Basketball before the Olympics Underway in the Serbian capital, which will promote the winning team at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Straight from Italy, Dominican Republic It will therefore be a key match for the Azzurri: if they win they will play everything tomorrow evening in the final, but if they lose, the Olympic dream will already end today. The rapprochement was very complicated by Covid (for others): the last friendly against Venezuela was skipped, even the pre-Olympic group was reduced to one due to the withdrawal of Senegal.

We may have had this in the first part of the game against Puerto Rico, but we finally won 90-83, thus giving us the top spot in the group and avoiding Serbia in the semi-finals. So our opponent will be the Dominican Republic, which lost to the host but beat the Philippines. A good team but definitely within our reach, is Italy smiling in the Dominican Republic in the blues?

Live Italy Dominican Republic: results and context

The Straight from Italy, Dominican Republic Thus it is a match inside or out, which our national team missed for a long time, considering that we came from qualifying for Euro 2022, an event for which Italy is already registered as an organizer. Now, however, we play a lot in 40 minutes: we must respect the role of Serbia’s great rival by reaching the final, most likely against the hosts except for the ups and downs of Puerto Rico in the other semi-final, and then touching that great achievement in the final. Final. One step at a time: If a potential defeat against Serbia would be a disappointment but certainly not a disgrace to the honour, today’s loss to the Dominican Republic would be a very heavy setback. The absence of some top players weighs on their shoulders, but on paper Italy have an edge over their opponents and that will of course have to be proven this afternoon on the pitch in Belgrade. The memory of Athens 2004 is still great, and it is unreasonable to think that that was our last Olympics: today there is a penultimate step that must be overcome to return to the Games.

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