Super sabato di rugby con 3 test match su Sky

Rugby, three live test matches on Sky Sports Saturday

The great international rugby test matches are back on Sky Sport, with the world’s strongest national teams on the field, including New Zealand’s ‘All Blacks’.

Tomorrow New Zealand will be the protagonist in one of three matches that will be watched live on Sky Sport and broadcast live on NOW.

For the New Zealanders, who are back on the field for their first 3 Test matches in July, the contender will be Tonga, who have never been defeated by the All Blacks. Streaming live from Auckland starting at 9.05am on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Arena.

A few hours earlier, at 6.30, the Maori All Blacks will also be on stage in Auckland, the New Zealand team made up entirely, or almost entirely, of Maori players, who will face the Samoan national team. Live on Sky Sport Arena.

In the evening, the transition from the Southern Hemisphere to Europe, and more specifically in Bucharest, with the hosts Romania who will host Argentina at 8pm, is a well-established reality in the global rugby scene, to the point of overcoming ‘all’. The Blacks “during 2020 to remember for Pumas. The Argentines always beat the Romanians. This match was also broadcast on Sky Sport Arena.

Live su Sky Sport e live broadcast on su NOW

Saturday 3 July:

or 6.30 Maori All Blacks-Samoa Sky Sport Arena

(Commentary by Paolo Malpezzi; Commentary by Federico Fossetti)

9.05 a.m. New Zealand-Tonga Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Arena

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(Commentary by Francesco Pierantuzzi; Commentary by Federico Fossetti)

8 p.m. Romania-Argentina Sky Sport Arena

(Commentary by Moreno Mola; Commentary by Andrea De Rossi)

(Available on Sky Go, also in HD)

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