Live / Final Team Italy France chasing Jana: World Champions!

Live / Final Team Italy France chasing Jana: World Champions!

Italy and France LIVE Final Match: We are the world champions!

Italy is the world champion in team pursuit: At the Track Cycling World Championships in Roubaix Filippo Gana, William Bertazzo, Jonathan Milan and Simone Consone They beat France, and they give us back the gold after 24 years. Crazy final: After a kilometer, Italy’s advantage was only 90 ppt and the situation didn’t change in the middle of the race, because the Azzurri maintained first place and increased their margin but did so to only 3,000. We kept worried until then. But then things changed: by the time the third kilometer was over, Ganna and his buddies took a margin of more than 4 tenths, which is useful in managing the final.

However, France was completely stuck in the last sector: in the end, Italy’s victory came by two seconds over the national team through the Alps. Filippo Gana adds another gold medal to his extraordinary rest, Italy returns to the top of the men’s team chasing world at the World Cycling Championships, for completeness of information we can add that the bronze medal was won by Great Britain who beat Denmark, completely flakes in the final for third place. (Edited by Claudio Franceschini)

The ultimate quest for Italy and France teams: It has begun!

Everything is ready at Roubaix to start Final chasing team Italy France In the 2021 World Cycling Championships, where Filippo Jana And his comrades will go in search of a new project. So let’s let the champion talk about it all by re-reading his impressions after yesterday’s semi-final: “We hope we will be able to cheer up. On the track, I confirm the impression that the Japanese was faster. That’s not bad, maybe if it gets warmer in the final we can reduce A little time, but the important thing is to go ahead with this step.

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France is over-motivated.” We are at the end of a very long season, other countries have made different choices, see Denmark confirming only one of the four silver winners of the Olympics and today fighting for the bronze medal against Great Britain. On the other hand, we are here to merge Olympic gold medal with world championship glory. Will it really be like this? Word for the track and stopwatch to find out! (Update by Mauro Mantegazza)

Italy and France teams’ final quest: at the Olympics

closer and closer directly subordinate Final chase team Italy France to me World Cycling Championship 2021, we can remember what Filippo Gana, Francesco Lamon, Simone Consone and Jonathan Milan did at the Olympics. In the first round at Ezo Racecourse, on August 2, the Blue Quartet had the second best qualifying time (3’45″895) behind Denmark. In the semi-final, there is a double with New Zealand and on August 3 a dimmer challenge, won by a few A thousand with a new world record at 3’42 inches 307 to go and challenge Denmark in the final for the gold medal.

Finally, on August 4, here’s the story: The world record improved further at 3’42” 032 and Olympic gold, Italy’s first in this discipline in the past 61 years, since the success of Rome 1960. L world gold has been missing since 1997 , who knows if we’ll cancel that speed too… (Mauro Mantegazza update)

Italy and France live final: how to follow the match with Filippo Gana

appointment with He lives subordinate Final chase team Italy France, of course in the context of the World Championships on the track, it will be clearly visible to everyone on Rai Sport + HD and to Eurosport subscribers, and therefore also for Live video broadcast Both Rai Play and Eurosport Player will be available. Click here to watch the live video broadcast

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talking villa

Such as Live broadcast of the chase for the Italian team France final With Filippo Gana and the other champions of the Golden Quartet already in the Olympics, we give space to the words of coach Marco Villa, who yesterday successfully shuffled the cards while giving a rest to the Olympic Francesco Lamon (man of the departures), Liam Bertazzo brought his place and moved Jonathan Milan to the sensitive center as the first splitter .

Villa said after the victory over Great Britain that he was very satisfied: “Good performance and we were able to save Jana a little bit, without letting him do the usual last three laps.” Then, the coach immediately predicted the approach of tonight’s final: “France has a good quartet, I knew that they would present themselves in the best possible way and would have the audience to push them. But we are there, and with the right mind”, can be read in the Gazzetta dello Sport. For the rest, the stopwatch will speak … (Mauro Mantegazza update)

There is a Flipo Jana

Today, Thursday, October 21, 2021, may be another day to remember for cycling in Italy, because the Quadmen chase team The gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is already delayed Filippo Jana Also go look for the address World Cycling Championship 2021 In Roubaix, which will be presented to us tonight Live broadcast of the chase for the Italian team France final. Let’s say right away that the date will be approx Raw 19.22, that is, immediately after the final for third place between Great Britain and Denmark, which was decided on 19.16. So we will challenge the hosts of France at the covered track Roubaix, a few meters from the most famous site, the site of the arrival of the Hell of the North which has taken over our this year Sony Colberelli.

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Yesterday was a very difficult day, because we have two rounds that helped prove that Italy and France are going to fight for gold tonight. In the playoffs, the Blue Quartet formed Francesco Lamon, Simone Consone, Jonathan Milan and Filippo Jana They had the best time at 3’49″ 008 (almost a warm-up of them), then here’s an entry Liam Bertazo Instead of Lamon in a head-to-head confrontation against Great Britain, he won in 3’46″ 760 to take the final on the gold medal, while France in the other semi-finals was better than Denmark.

Italy France Live Final: Context

Toward Live broadcast of the chase for the Italian team France final, we can say that Filippo Jana Their teammates have once again proven their worth and are now playing for a gold medal to complete a memorable year, as Italy will simultaneously become Olympic champion and world champion in the collective pursuit, a history-making discipline in cycling. We’ve been missing a World Cup gold medal since 1997, but if we think we haven’t won an Olympics since Rome in 1960, it’s clear that these great guys are already used to rewriting history…

He said of the change after qualifying between Francesco Lamon and William Bertazzo, who has the spotlight he deserves after having been back up in Tokyo without going on the track, we have to say France will be particularly motivated, because they both run at home and because the Olympics didn’t even get into the top four The first and now wants to overturn the hierarchies by ascending to the roof of the world. is a “locomotive” Benjamin Thomas, who in the Quartet Across the Alps has the same role as Filippo Gana in the Blue role. In theory, we’re still the favorites, because we’re Olympic champions and world record holders: who’s going to write history in Roubaix?

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