Need 3 points on your way to the World Cup - OA Sport

Need 3 points on your way to the World Cup – OA Sport

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Hello friends and friends of OA Sport, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of Italy-Croatia, a match valid for the third day of Group G of the UEFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Qualifiers. Melina Bertolini is chasing a third win. out of three.

L ‘Italy from ct Melina Bertolini Back on the pitch at the Teofilo Batini stadium in Castel di Sangro in search of the third out of three winners of this qualifying round for the World Championships. In the first two games, the Blues overcame Moldova (3-0 with goals baby walkersand Venice and lilies) NS Croatia (0-5 with signatures DomainAnd baby walkersAnd Cernoia and pillar lilies), to climb to the top of the group with 6 points equal to Switzerland. Remember that only the top seed from the group will get the direct pass for Australia and New Zealand 2023 while the second seed will have to pass from the playoffs.

In the first two matches of these qualifiers, he was Croatia from Matte Priscalo defeated before Romania Before (2-0) and as mentioned in the previous paragraph Italy Then; In the match that took place last September 21 in Karlovac. The Balkan national team consists of a solid core of Split and USIC, with a larger perspective element defined in Andrea GleboStriker, born 2002 Storm Graz Certainly in the future. The Sporting Lisbon goalkeeper should also be watched Doris Pasic.

Possible configurations

Italy (3-4-3): Giuliani. Gama, Linari, Bartoli; Guagni, Caruso, Rosucci, and Cernoia; Girelli, Giacenti, Bonanci. everybody.: Melina Bertolini.

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Croatia (5-4-1): Pasic. dulcic, baluj, pedic, konstek, kanjevac; Paisley, Lubina, Lugna, Jelinek; Glebo. everybody.: Matty Priscalo.

OA Sport brings you the text LIVE LIVE of Italy-Croatia. The match is valid for the third day of Group G qualifiers for the World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023. The match is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm at the Teofilo Batini stadium in Castel di Sangro.

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