Women's football, the Italian trio against Croatia.  Blue with all points in World Qualifiers - OA Sport

Women’s football, the Italian trio against Croatia. Blue with all points in World Qualifiers – OA Sport

The third success in the number of matches for the Italian women’s football team in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers in Australia and New Zealand.

Blue won with a score 3-0 against the Croatia in Castel di Sangro, and so it remains Total points in the seventh group. Our generals started strong in the first 10 minutes, scoring with Valentina Cernoia and Christiana Ghirelli (on a penalty), but then they found it difficult to find realism in their actions. In the second half, he scored the third goal Valeria Peroni at 64′. Our team, therefore, with 9 points (11 goals scored and none of them in pain), is waiting to see what Switzerland will do against Romania, as the Swiss vie for a direct pass to the final stage of the World Championships.

first half – Bertolini respects expectations and begins the offensive trio formed by Bonance, Girelli and Giacenti, while in the control room is Caruso with the help of Rosucci and Cernoia. The Croatians adopt a very defensive strategy with a 5-4-1 cap. Blue immediately opened the game at 2′ with Cernoia’s extreme skill to be ready for the date and to achieve with her left hand. 7′ After the arrival of the Italian double: Giacenti tames a ball in the penalty area with Baloge falling on it, no doubt the referee. Girelli achieves by displacing Pacic, but Pavlikova repeated to invade the penalty area at the time of the penalty kick. Blue does not allow itself to be stressed and is again subtle from the site. The tunes go down as the minutes go and the Bel Paese girls have a harder time becoming dangerous. At the age of 32′, Giacenti tries to send Cernoia to find the way to the goal, but the Milan striker does not frame the goal. It’s the last moments of the first half, which ends with a score of 2-0.

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the other half – In the second half they always try, Cernoia and Giacenti, but the conclusions are not so lucky. At 55′ Girelli exits and Pirone enters. The substitution of “Prophetic” saw that in the 64th minute, the blue side achieved the triple: Giacenti receiving the area and spread by Balog, giving the referee the advantage with Pirone beating Bacic on the right. A vortex of changes and a dangerous blue again with Pirone, but the outcome does not change. It ends 3-0 in front of Teofilo Patini.

Photo: Domenico Cibitelli/LBS

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