Ein Sommer in Istrien

Leonard Lansink: Athlete, Athlete! New movie role for “Wilsberg”

What is Wellsberg doing there among the athletes in front of a soccer field? Many crime fanatics will ask that when he sees the picture of ZDF Herzkino’s new film “Summer in Istria”. After 24 years working as private investigator George Wellsberg, Leonard Lansink has inevitably linked up with his movie character — and he’s not particularly athletic. But the actor could do it differently. In a summery setting, he will now play Grandpa Frango, who supports his 12-year-old grandson Mateja in his football career.

Willsberg running after the ball?

In an interview with Elena Uhlig on YouTube, Leonard Lansink announced his role outside of Wilsberg’s world weeks ago. His fellow actor couldn’t believe it and had to laugh out loud when Lancink spoke about his football role. She couldn’t imagine how cozy Wellsberg usually went through the grass. Leonard Lancink gave in with a quick smile and said, “I’m only the coach. I just have to know everything.”

What is the theme of “Summer in Istria”?

Football scout Anne (Sophie Pfengstorf) is drawn to Croatia on vacation. There she has to be a bridesmaid at her friend Laura’s wedding (Catherine Jehney). The groom’s brother, Zoran (Tim Boris), finds Anne very attractive, but is magically drawn to the nearby football field. There she noticed the 12-year-old superstar football talent Mateja (Xavier Pucci).

Anne shoots Mateja and sends the recordings to her boss in Munich. Do not doubt that Matega is, of all people, the son of her former childhood sweetheart Darigo (Vladimir Korneev). The relationship between the two ended in a very disturbing way 15 years ago. Old love is about to erupt again when Anne’s job tears the bonds of tenderness.

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Because when Dario learns that she wants to bring his son to Germany, he thinks her technique is an agreed-upon game. Now Anne is sitting between all the chairs: is Zoran the right one or is it Darigo? How do you deal with Matiga?

The film’s broadcast date has not yet been set.

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