Barely admitted!  This is why Sabine Tambria looks like Billy Idol now

Barely admitted! This is why Sabine Tambria looks like Billy Idol now

Shortly after the final episode of “Kodam 63” we wondered why Sabine Tambria suddenly had blonde hair. Now it is out! The hairstyle has to do with a new movie dating back to 1989. Sabine Tambria plays Rudy, who is visually reminiscent of Billy Idol. The film, with the working title “In a country that no longer exists,” is about the fashion scene in the former German Democratic Republic. In addition to Sabin Tambrea, there is another star of “Ku’damm 63”: Claudia Michelsen.

Anyone who still remembers the actress as a strict dance teacher Katrina Chulak in the atmosphere of the 60s will hardly recognize her. With a pony hairdo, she casually leans against the wall in her latest Instagram post and thanks director Aelrun Goette and film personality Elsa Wildbrodt. In this position, Claudia Michelsen is the lead coordinator for “VHB Exquisit”, the East German luxury clothing brand, and a central figure in history.

Sabine Tambria in the ’80s

Sabin Tambrea also looks quite transformed. In the first images from the movie production, we see him in a mesh T-shirt, leather pants, and shoes – all in black with a Billy Idol blonde hairstyle and accessories like rivet gloves and a pearl necklace. No wonder, as he plays the extravagant Rudy, who wanders the underground fashion scene in East Berlin. Two of the other main characters are David Shutter, who plays the rebellious Coyote photographer, and Marilyn Burrow as Susie.

This is what the phrase “in a country that no longer exists” is all about.

17-year-old Suzy landed on the cover of Cybele fashion magazine, Vogue East, by happy coincidence. She became a model overnight and sees an opportunity to add glitz and glamor to her life. Get to know Rudy and Coyote and immerse yourself in the East Berlin fashion scene. The photographer prepares to flee to the West together when Suzy, due to an incident in the family, asks herself what personal happiness she deserves.

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The film is expected to be shown in German cinemas by Tobis in 2022.

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