Isaac Herzog, nouveau président d

Labor MPs elected Isaac Herzog as president

Labor Isaac Herzog, 60, was elected president of the State of Israel on Wednesday, June 2 by lawmakers, amid a political crisis and hours of ultimatum to form a coalition government.

The parliamentary channel reported that the former leader of the Labor Party and head of the Jewish Agency, Isaac Herzog, has become the eleventh president of the Jewish state and replaces Reuven Rivlin in the largely ceremonial position. He was elected by 87 votes to 26 against his opponent, Miriam Peretz, an educator with no political experience but a well-known figure in Israeli society, and the mother of two sons killed in the fighting.

The job of the head of state in Israel is largely apolitical and ceremonial while the executive power remains in the hands of the prime minister. However, the president may grant pardon. “I bear the heavy responsibility you bear on my shoulders“Said Isaac Herzog, aka”Candles“,” in a televised speech after the results were announced. “I will be the boss of all, and I will build bridges between the different parts of our society».

The trained lawyer thanked his opponent, Miriam Peretz.israeli heroine“,”To be a symbol and an inspiration to all Israeli citizens». «I extend my hand to him in the hope of fruitful cooperation for the benefit of Israeli society.“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was once the opponent of the Labor Party, congratulated him and wished him,” he added.A great achievement on behalf of all Israeli citizens».

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The election of the Israeli president comes against the backdrop of heated political negotiations. Opponents of Benjamin Netanyahu, the most enduring prime minister of the State of Israel, have until Wednesday 11:59 pm (8:59 pm GMT) to overcome their ideological differences and announce a coalition agreement, with the aim of ending a two-year political crisis. If the centrist Lapid Lapid fails to form a government before the deadline, MPs will be able to ask the president to reauthorize a member of parliament. Or it will return to the polls for the fifth time in just over two years.

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