Denmark, accused of facilitating US spying of its European allies, declined to comment on the case

Denmark, accused of facilitating US spying of its European allies, declined to comment on the case

Those who had hoped for denial would be at their expense. Denmark has “good dialogue” With its European allies, there is no need for that to “fix” Relations with France and Germany, his prime minister simply confirmed on Wednesday, June 2, after the revelations of American espionage through the Scandinavian nation’s undersea cables.

His first public statement on the subject since airingInvestigation By Danish public television on Sunday, it was picked up by several European media including the worldMitt Frederiksen declined to comment directly. “There should be no systematic monitoring of its allies.”, Just note the head of government to the press after the parliament session.

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According to a survey by Danish public television DR, Washington used the Danish submarine cable network at least until 2014 to listen to personalities from four countries (Germany, Sweden, Norway and France), including Angela Merkel.

An ‘unacceptable’ position among allies for Emmanuel Macron

Paris, Berlin and other European capitals on Monday summoned the United States and Denmark to explain the allegations, a new page in the wiretapping file between allies that has been exposed since the Snowden affair in 2013. The gathering took place on the occasion of the “French-German Council” and ministers Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel expressed their displeasure . “Unacceptable between allies, not even between European allies and partners”, In response to the French president, asking that “All clarity [soit] Completed “.

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When asked about these reactions, M . saidI Frederiksen underestimated this. We have a good conversation.The Danish Prime Minister told reporters. I don’t think it is right to say that we should repair relations with France or Germany. We also have a constant dialogue in the field of intelligence.”, confirmed.

Le Silence de Washington

According to DR, across Denmark, the NSA was able to access text messages, phone calls, actions, and online exchanges — including searches, conversations, and messaging services — of officials, including also the Federal President of the United Nations. Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, former German Foreign Minister.

What is unknown in this case is the degree of information provided by Copenhagen about these actions, which Washington has refused to talk about.

Dr. Dee’s revelations were based on a classified Danish military intelligence report dubbed “Operation Dunhammer”. FE’s order on an unknown date after the Snowden case – suggesting the service may not have known – was delivered in May 2015.

Five years later, last August, several FE officials were fired for concealing certain information. According to DR, their marginalization has been linked to this file.

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