Prime Minister drops controversial expenditure report after nationwide controversy

Prime Minister drops controversial expenditure report after nationwide controversy

Sanna Marin has been accused of reimbursing her for the expenses of family meals. Bad news for the prime minister in the midst of the local election campaign.

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On Tuesday, 1 June, the Finnish Prime Minister announced that she had given up her breakfast compensation at her official residence. So, Sanna Marin hopes to put an end to the controversy that has marred her campaign for local elections.

The head of the Social Democratic government has faced criticism from the opposition since the tabloid Evening newspapers She revealed on May 25 that she was getting paid up to €300 a month for expenses for family meals. Then it was revealed that the amount was about 850 euros per month, including some cold meals. However, according to critics, the use of public funds to cover these costs could conflict with Finnish law, because they are not expressly provided for.

Finnish police announced on Friday that they had opened an investigation. Another tax inquiry has also been launched, which is examining whether the prime minister should pay additional taxes for this benefit.

The head of government also pledged to reimburse nearly €14,000 in expenses related to family meals eaten since arriving at her official residence in Kisarta a year and a half ago. “I have other work errands than spending days looking in detail for things like my family’s food.”The 35-year-old CEO said in an interview with MTV3.

In power since December 2019, Sanna Marin enjoys huge popular support for its management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Finland, one of the countries least affected by the pandemic in Europe. But opinion polls for the June 13 municipal elections point to a surge in the opposition, particularly the far-right Finns Party.

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