La Romeo: Head for the stars for two days

La Romeo: Head for the stars for two days

Space-time, the history of altimetry from space, orbits, tides, oceans, ice floes… For two intense days, La Romeo was the site of a high-level symposium of more than one title since it was about space.

25 engineers from isardSAT, a company specializing in the design of Earth observation systems, attended a symposium led by Richard Francis, PhD, a space physicist and Romifian for several years.

Richard Francis worked for more than 30 years at the European Space Agency (ESA) as a satellite design project manager.

“Team building” in the middle of the Girgis valleys

After retiring in 2015, he founded GerSpatial with his wife Huguette Lacoste, also a former ESA employee, and continues to advise the agency and impart skills in systems engineering and training in the world of astronomy.

So, Monica Rocca e Aparisi, CEO and founder of isardSAT, brought her colleagues in for training/team building: “It was about expanding the general culture of my colleagues and creating cohesion in the team, which is partly dispersed in Spain and England. The goal was achieved: Richard is a well of knowledge, La Romeo is wonderful and Huguette's welcome is unparalleled.

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