Nature's Splendor: Which unique bird does this bright eye belong to?

Nature's Splendor: Which unique bird does this bright eye belong to?

The blue, the red, the distinctive bird appearance and the burning gaze… In any case, this eye belongs to a marvel of nature that is not, however, the most common of birds. Can you find any one?

Image credit: Abigway – Shutterstock

Bird and man

A descendant of dinosaurs, this bird is a marvel of nature that has long inspired humans. From the myth of Icarus with his waxen wings, to the latest military aviation technology, humanity has always wanted to fly like these creatures. No doubt out of respect for these animals, many aircraft in armies bear bird names such as the famous SR-71 Blackbird or the Black Hawk helicopter.

But if we've dominated the air for about a century, our feathered friends have been dominating the air for millions of years. A feat of nature that sets them above other magnificent creatures. But among them there are some unique specimens.

This eye belongs to…

But let's go back to our sheep, or our birds here. The photo shown here shows us a red eye on a blue head. Instinctively, our choice would be the peacock, whose famous wheel captivates young and old at every show. But ugly white and ash Kung Fu Panda 2 Not the sample in the picture.

To find out who owns our red eye, we have to turn to the famous pigeons. Yes, the ones that haunt the streets of Paris and create a nightmare on the windshields of cars parked for too long. This is the eye of Victoria Jura, a large member of the pigeon family! We tell you more about him.

Exotic bird gaura victoria

Image credit: Abigway – Shutterstock

Jura de Victoria, the azure dove

Not only are pigeons gray with green and purple flares above the neck, they can also be blue, as is the case with the Victoria Jura pigeon. the Arrow Zoo Its website tells us more about this magnificent monolithic creature, which oscillates between 1.5 and 2.4 kg which places a point of honor in group life: These gregarious birds live in small flocks of 2 to 10 individuals that sit in trees and forage for food on the ground by collecting fallen fruits. “Near water points, larger gatherings can sometimes be observed.” We can read.

The pigeon, which can reach a height of about 70 cm, also holds the title of the largest pigeon in the world. Nothing to do with the ones you might encounter at the exit of the Château de Vincennes station on the Paris Metro 1…

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