Do you travel regularly to Europe?  Tell us

Do you travel regularly to Europe? Tell us

HBy 2024, 29 countries will be an integral part of the Schengen Area. Thanks to the creation of this zone without border controls in 1997, approximately 420 million EU residents can travel as they wish to the four corners of Europe.

This space, which allows above all the movement of workers, has contributed to the growth of tourism between European Union countries. In 2016, France Strategy highlighted that if the Schengen agreements were abandoned, tourist flows could be seriously affected. “In fact, visitors must limit themselves to one country or submit several visa applications for their travel within the Schengen Area.”

Significant economic benefits

If control of passenger vehicle crossings and systematic control of trucks at the border were strengthened, the decrease in tourism revenues in France would be estimated at about one billion dollars annually. Thus, the European Union enabled its member states to promote tourism.

Read also Tourism in Europe: Ambiguity and confusion of the bodyWith the aim of preparing an article about the consequences of Schengen for tourism, we ask our readers and would like you to tell us about your unusual holiday experiences in Europe. Have you taken road trips in Europe? Have you crossed Europe by train? Have you discovered hidden places deep in the European Union? Are you a 'day tourist', a tourist who spends just one day in a Member State? Have you ever gone to another EU country on a whim? Do you think that if Schengen is abandoned, you will put travel plans on hold? We are interested in all your certificates. Your stories will be used to write an article. Thanks.

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