Große Freude über die Silbermedaille 2014 bei den Spielern Andrzej Truszcynski (m.), Krzysztof Piotrowski (2.v.r.) und Trainer Manfred Kuhle (r.).

Kuhles Sports Memories: When he first worked as a coach, Manfred Kuhle of Wiesenburg instantly won the world title.

The first and so far only visit to the Southern Hemisphere by Manfred Kohli from Wissenburg in May 2014 was a very special experience and at the same time a major sporting challenge. Because only he faced the competition in the World Table Tennis Championships. Of course he played chess too, especially on board, as British Airways are known to have an excellent chess programme. With a total of about 45 hours of flight time – the flight back to New Zealand – a welcome change.

Detour to Hong Kong

When planning the trip, Kohli calculated a three-day stay in the former British crown colony of Hong Kong. The approach alone was amazing, as was the city itself with its crowds and skyscrapers and the harbor with junks. The friendly guide gave an interesting insight into the city’s evolution: from a pirate’s nest to an economic, banking and trading city.

Manfred Kohli was fascinated by the Auckland skyline.
© Photo: Manfred Kohli

Rugby is number 1

Upon arriving in Auckland, New Zealand revealed itself as a sporting nation, albeit with an English touch. Thanks to Britain’s James Cook, New Zealand is part of the British Commonwealth, so sports are also typically British, like cricket. The undisputed number 1 is Ruby. The ubiquitous rugby champions were in big showcases, and the national team – the “All Blacks” – was an institution. During a tour of the North Island, the German wore a UEFA pin on his lapel, and was repeatedly asked about it. The locals were very open and interested, so Manfred Kohli had to have a lot of conversations. So much for his happiness.

At the World Cup Opening Ceremony, this folklore troupe provided plenty of entertainment for non-New Zealand guests.

At the World Cup Opening Ceremony, this folklore troupe provided plenty of entertainment for non-New Zealand guests.
© Photo: Manfred Kohli

Not without victory

After that, Wiesenburger was able to tell a class at the school about his good impressions of the country in which he stopped during training. When he said he was himself a teacher, it turned into a live question-and-answer session. In the solo preliminary round he had to deal with an “old friend”: Fuji Yokohama. He had the Japanese opponent in the doubles at the World Cup in Stockholm two years ago. Yokohama introduced his wife – at a distance and deep protection – and then the politeness ended, not giving the German a chance. He then defeated the New Zealander Kohli, who emigrated from Yorkshire years ago. Against his third opponent, the former Berlin champion who now lives in Sydney, little could be done, so only third place remained.

The event hall at the World Table Tennis Championships in Auckland presented itself futuristically.

The event hall at the World Table Tennis Championships in Auckland presented itself futuristically.
© Photo: Manfred Kohli

cute discount

This does not mean the end of the event, but rather continue in Championship B. Wiesenburger filled waiting times with chess analyzes because he was always ready to play chess. This always gave him relaxation and focus in table tennis competitions. As well as when the Chinese defeat. He only played the so-called Block and was lucky that the actor from Guam demanded the decision by force and defeated himself due to his impatience. The joy lasted only for an hour. Then came a Japanese from Tokyo who was left-handed in the first sentence and left-handed in the second. The Asian sports teacher was excellent at many sports, including table tennis.

With this picture you have to go to ";  Share "  Think, thanks to the Peter Jackson movie adaptation of ";  Lord of the Rings "  in New Zealand.

This photo instantly makes you think of a Shire, thanks to Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.
© Photo: Manfred Kohli

Brazilian Chinese

Then the impressive World Cup record was further improved by his strong doubles partner from Taiwan, Tsung Ping Hsu. The duo faced powerful Asian opponents. She beat India, lost to the defending champions from Japan and then narrowly lost to Australia. On the consolation tour, the two initially looked to the double from Brazil. But it was the Chinese from Sao Paulo who narrowly won 3-2.

Manfred Kohli competed at the 2014 World Cup in New Zealand wearing the number 602 jersey.

Manfred Kohli competed at the 2014 World Cup in New Zealand wearing the number 602 jersey.
© Photo: Manfred Kohli

Thanks to the coach for knowing English

But this was not the end of the Kuhles World Cup. During the tournament, he made friends with two of the only Polish participants in the World Cup, Andrei Troczynski and Krzysztof Piotrovsky. at. Translate German for everyone who doesn’t speak English. Truszcynski, lived in Switzerland, but had a German passport and also competed for Germany. The World Cup status stipulated that doubles in over 40 major tournaments must have English speaking coaches. So the choice fell on Manfred Kohli, who felt very proud about it. He had to take on the coaching job first, but he got better and better. With the duo clearly dominating their first three opponents from India, Australia and Japan, each with a 3-0 win, Wiesenburger found time to note the oncoming competitors early on. He recognized the weaker part of the doubles, whether they were left-handed or right-handed, whether they acted calmly or frantically, or whether they focused more on attacking or defending.

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Valuable tips

Tips were valuable, but opponents also became more demanding. They were followed by true Olympians from London 2012 from Chile and Argentina. While the Chileans turned out to be fair players, and you could still chat comfortably with them despite their apparent 3-0 defeat, the “gaucho” turned out to be even tougher. But they were also left with 1:3. Now Kuhle was expecting the next Chinese team. Watch the quarter-final match against the Czech Republic. He was amazed, because the tall Czechs put up great resistance, went to their limits and won 3: 2. But success cost strength, which Kuhle’s followers benefited from.

Despite my bad premonitions

Wiesenburger felt like “a brave little tailor – seven in one go”. The seventh opponent came from St. Petersburg. The coach duo of Kuhle was known for their qualities, and they trained together. He went to the table with misgivings. But, despite the impotence and match point ahead of them, the Polish-German “trio” won the semi-finals. In his first coaching activity, Manfred Kohli was in the World Cup Final. The final competitors came from Shanghai, both of whom also competed in the individual finals, in front of 10,000 spectators. Since they both came from the same club, they agreed to save energy. This aroused the discontent of the public and gave preference to European outsiders.

Forced five sentences

Great training tactics at first worked. Truszcynski hit against the “weakest” (the player was, of course, weak in his career): 1-0 to the Europeans. This was followed by a rollercoaster ride of feelings. Compensation, then drive again. The coach’s hands got wet and he was surprised by the dedication of his teammates who imposed the fifth set of decisions. They even led 4-2. “Edge ball, please,” Manfred Kohli thought, but she did not follow. Thus, he lost the lead with a poorer squad and the Europeans lost – and deservedly – 2:3. At 6:11, five little balls were missing at the end for the title.

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The joy of success is pure

But after a short mourning, pride reigned in the Vice World Cup, which was then celebrated with six nations. The return run the next day wasn’t so smooth, with flight and train delays, but that didn’t spoil Manfred Kohli’s joy at his greatest sporting success.

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