An Evil Dead Rise group photo confirms that filming has begun in New Zealand

New picture from the group.Evil dead riseIt appears that filming of the sequel has begun. The “evil Dead“Movies (in this country”)Devil’s dance“) From Sam Raimi One of the most popular horror films of the 80s. “Evil Dead 2″ or. “Devil’s Dance 2“I specifically managed to combine comedy with horror, what Remesdark army” And the “Ash vs Evil Dead“Complete. Faith Alvarezevil Dead2013 remake with Jane Levy He took a darker and more serious approach, but managed to win over the audience. The franchise continues to this day with the advent of “Evil dead rise“I continued.

Already in October 2019 it was confirmed that “evil DeadThe movie is under development. Bruce Campbell He is officially retired as Ash Williams, but he and Rimi Both are returning to produce the new movie. Instead of playing in a hut in the woods, it would be the next hut.”evil Dead‘Running in a city, and Alyssa Sutherland And the Lily Sullivan She will star in the movie as sisters. Campbell I expected thatEvil dead riseI will start filming last year, but like many other productions, this date has been pushed back due to the pandemic. However, the actor briefed horror fans in March, revealing that the second part will be filmed in New Zealand later that year.

Now shoot”Evil dead riseOfficially started. Director Lee Cronin Share the news by taking a pictureEvil dead riseClapperboard released.

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