Knockout City: Crossplay Beta in action!  – The most important information

Knockout City: Crossplay Beta in action! – The most important information

Knockout City Crossover Beta is in progress! The game trailer gives you an impression of the action that awaits you in the game. Source: EA / Velan Studios

The Crossplay Demo will run in Knockout City from Friday April 2nd until next Sunday April 4th! EA’s new sports game and developer Velan Studios focuses on action-packed battles – in 1v1 or 3-team duel. However, the fights do not take place with weapons, but with different balls with which he will hit opponents.

But be careful: if opponents are alert, they can easily intercept your throws. From the third person perspective, you work with evasive maneuvers, fake throws, passes and tons of quick moves to outrun your opponents. Anyone infected twice is expelled and has to wait a few seconds for it to reappear.

In “normal” knockout mode, the goal is to be the first team to collect ten points from two out of three matches. There is one point for every opponent that knocks out. So, in the different maps, it goes directly to the point in the top 3. In addition to the regular playlists, league games (ranking list), special matches between friends and training sessions are also available to improve your skills.

You can play from 3 PM and from now until April 5, 3 AM our time. Compared to testing previous gameplay, you have a new card (now four in total), a new ball (four in total), new modes, playlists, and special rewards. All information on this and how to get involved is available at The page linked to the EA Home Page.

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Long-term stimulation through the skins

In addition to placing an arrangement, the numerous customization options should ensure long-term motivation. So you can not only customize your look with different hairstyles and clothes, but also unlock and use a number of animations, gliders, emoticons, and poses.

Here you can see clear similarities with a variety of other service games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, or Rainbow Six Siege. Knockout City actually offers various challenges, a ranking system for your profile – here it’s called “Street Rank” and “Rowdy Shuffle Level”. If you level up, you unlock new rewards. Completed challenges speed up this process and are very reminiscent of a Battle Pass.

The crew system is not yet available in the current co-play beta, which should allow you to appear as a real team. That is why we have to wait together for the full release, which should appear on May 21, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also on PC.

You can find our great introduction to Knockout City here:

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