PS Plus: Free Games April 2021 – Presents Sony PS4 and PS5 with zombies and aliens

PS Plus: Free Games April 2021 – Presents Sony PS4 and PS5 with zombies and aliens

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As it is every month, PS Plus fans can enjoy free games on PS4 and PS5. These games will be included in April 2021.

Update from March 31, 2021: This month Sony is once again on time like a fire brigade and her new boyfriend at 5:30 pm The games were announced for the PS Plus in April 2021. Anyone with a subscription to the online service can look forward to some new titles next week. It has already been announced exclusively for the PS5 Oddworld Soulstorm Then there are two titles totally dedicated to the undead. For the PS4, this will be a PlayStation exclusive Days passed From Bend Studio, Zombie Army 4: Dead War Freedom from rebellion. Can games Between April 6 and May 3 It has been downloaded.

Name of the service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly fee 899 euros
Providers Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
keyboard PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
Advantages 2 Most Free Games, Access to Online Multiplayer PS4 / 5 Game, Exclusive PlayStation Store Discounts, 100GB Online Storage
Active Memberships 45 million users

Initial report from 15 March 2021: Hamburg, Germany – Fans with an active subscription for this month PS more They got real prominence for PS4 and PS5 Donated. With Final Fantasy VII Remake there is a lot of nostalgia in a new look, Remnant: From the Ashes should satisfy everyone who lacks firearms in Dark Souls and puzzle fans can unleash Maquette on PS5. Next month free games are already on the horizon. So when can we start an ad Sony The next day Free games in April Calculate? We have summarized all the important information for you.

PS Plus: April 2021 Free Games – When Will The Games Be Unveiled?

If it is not closed again as in February Delay in the announcement Free games for PS Plus will continue to be available at The last Wednesday of the month Revealed then The first Tuesday of the following month Released for download. This means that the announcement this year comes late at the end of March, because the last Wednesday of this month is March 31. This means, calculated for April, that Free games on April 6 It can be opened all over the world.

  • Estimated date: March 31, 2021
  • Estimated Time: 5:30 PM (German time)
  • Free games are expected to be available on the PlayStation Store on April 6, 2021

In the games to be held in March 2021, this was announced Delayed by several days. However, such delays are very rare, the last time it happened in June 2020. So it is possible that the announcement of the mentioned dates on PS Plus for April may be skewed, but this is unlikely. You can do this until April 5th through April 5th PS Plus subscribers Final Fantasy VII Remake, Remnant: From the Ashes and Maquette plus PSVR shooter, Add Farpoint to Library for free before The next batch of games It goes to the start. Few Potential candidates They are already talking about it.

PS Plus: April 2021 Free Games – What Games Can Be Launched?

As in the past few months, there will likely be two titles for PS4, a new two-month PS5 game and an additional game for PSVR, at least that’s Sony’s current PS Plus practice. PS4 games are still more or less in the stars, but the free April PS5 game on PS Plus has already been identified. Owners of next-generation consoles will benefit from Oddworld Soulstorm Next April 6th and direct Free to release It will be available through the online service. The science fiction adventure based on Mudokaner Abe replaces the multiplayer game Destruction AllStars, which has been available for free since February.

PS Plus: April 2021 Free Games – What’s the Sony Announcement?

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Meanwhile, there are at least the first rumors about PS4 games. For now, there’s a suspicion on Twitter that Sekiro: Shadows die twice A true action-cracking game that could be free in April 2021. You can guess that this will happen from a tweet from an insider who correctly predicted Final Fantasy VII Remake as a free game in February. Hard Sword fighting adventure from home From software So he is another early candidate for a possible free game on PS Plus.

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