The video game "Super Mario Bros" was auctioned for a record amount

The video game “Super Mario Bros” was auctioned for a record amount

eThe originally packaged “Super Mario Bros” computer game from 1985 was auctioned in the United States for a record $ 660,000. This is the world record for a video game at an auction, the Heritage Auctions auction house announced Friday (local time) in Dallas, Texas.

Heritage sold a similar game at auction in July for a record $ 114,000. The Japanese company Nintendo launched the world-famous video game “Super Mario Bros” in 1985.

Heritage said the Nintendo classic that was auctioned off on Friday was in very good condition. The video game was bought as a Christmas present in 1985 and then disappeared in a drawer for 36 years. “He was in my office the whole time,” said the owner of the game, who wanted to remain anonymous, according to the message. This year he just ran into her again.

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