Khaleeji 2 "receives four creative awards from the Asian National Academy"??  Gotzel Online

Khaleeji 2 “receives four creative awards from the Asian National Academy”?? Gotzel Online

Article dated October 1, 2021

When the Asian National Academy Creative Awards were announced yesterday, season two of “The Bay (Auckland Detectives)” was honored in four categories for the Australian region. Edu Drent won Best Actor, and Dave Cameron won Best Cinematography. Rob Sarkies also won Best Fictional Director and Paula Boock, Donna Malane and Jack Wedde Award for Best Screenplay. These winners will enter the national race for the “Asian Academy Creative Prize #Awards”, which will be awarded at the beginning of #December 2021.

The Asian Creative Academy Awards are the most important film and television awards in the Asia Pacific region. Each year, national winners are selected from 16 different countries and then the national awards are awarded at a ceremony in Singapore.

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Detective Jess Savage wants to leave the past behind and focus entirely on her relationship with her daughter, Ruby? But an unknown blackmailer threatens to use his knowledge of the mysterious circumstances in which Jess died?? Sharing Alex’s husband keeps her breathless. Jess is forced to track down and arrest her blackmailer before he shares his information. In addition to her criminal investigation on Waiheke Island, which also seems to cross the paths of a blackmailer over and over, her pregnant daughter Ruby suffers from a complicated relationship with her boyfriend AJ and Detective Harding trying to establish a trusting relationship with his criminal father. Which ends tragically??

The film is a New Zealand-German co-production by Letterbox Filmproduktion with Screentime New Zealand, Lippy Pictures and #ZDF. International broadcast partners are Three (New Zealand), Nine Network (Australia) and ZDF (Germany). The series’ executive producers are Catherine Gutierre (“Letterbox Filmproduktion”), Henning Cam (“Real Film Berlin”), and Philly de Lacey (“Screentime NZ”), as well as Claus Wunn (ZDF), Sue Woodfield (“TV3”), and producer Donna Malani and Paula Book (“Liby Pictures”). In Banijay rights global sales.

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