Joseph Parker plans to "beat" Derek Chisora ​​and then regain his belt: "I've been a champ before and I want to be a hero again" |  Boxing News

Joseph Parker plans to “beat” Derek Chisora ​​and then regain his belt: “I’ve been a champ before and I want to be a hero again” | Boxing News

Joseph Parker promised to return to explosive shows that made him an undefeated World Heavyweight Champion against Derek Chisora.

Parker and Chisora ​​clash in a battle between two heavyweight contenders on Saturday, LIVE Sky Sports Ticket Office, Along with Katie Taylor v Natasha Jonas.

Parker said, “You will see some good changes.” Sky Sports. “I’ll be more precise, with better mobility and better footwork. I’ll focus throughout the fight.”

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Parker and Chesora meet backstage at rehearsals

“If you run out of the game plan [new trainer Andy Lee] It must be a good night for Team Parker.

“I expect Derek to be Derek – to squeeze in from the start, throw punches and bombs.”

“But we did everything to prepare for what it brings.

“I was a hero before and I want to be a hero again.

“To achieve this goal, I must first get Derek out of the way. Then organize the other fights that are out there.

Veteran competitor Chisora ​​vows to sabotage Parker’s plans
*** Free for editorial use ***.  Joseph Parker trains in Battle Hall April 28, 2021 Mark Robinson Match Room Boxing Photo
Former WBO champion Parker wants to reclaim a world title

Parker became the WBO Champion four and a half years ago, but ceded the belt to Anthony Joshua, who is set to face Tyson Fury with every division title on the streak.

New Zealand’s Parker is ranked third by WBO and knows that a brilliant stopover of sturdy Chisora ​​teak will propel him closer to his ambition.

“Winning is the most important thing, but this is how you win,” he said. “You need to win the right way and that is what will get people excited to be back on top.”

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When asked if he feared Chisora, Parker replied, “Not at all. There is respect but when I step into the ring I want to hit him!”

“The same as what he wanted to do with me.

“There is respect before and after the fight, but when the bell rings, it is through the window.

*** Free for editorial use ***.  Katie Taylor trains at Battle Hall, April 28, 2021, photo by Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Katie Taylor to defend her undisputed lightweight title
*** Free for editorial use ***.  Natasha Jonas training at Battle Hall April 28, 2021 Photography by Mark Robinson Match Room Boxing
Natasha Jonas seeks revenge for her 2012 loss in London

“I can fight with the back foot or bring it to him. That depends on what I see at night. I hope he’s not wrong because I’ll catch him coming. Or I’ll join him on the way home.”

“Any heavyweight can wipe out any heavyweight. In every fight, you want to make a statement and look good. That’s the chance to end up on a high note.”

There is a way he fights – to squeeze and drop bombs in his possession. It’s his style and hasn’t changed in a while. “

Kizora promised: “The same thing I always do: war, madness.

“He will ride his bike. Even if you challenge him [to meet me in the centre of the ring]It will not happen.

“But I can touch anyone. I’ll just go on. I’ll eat the skins but I’ll also deliver the skins.”

Chisora’s new coach, Buddy McGirt, warned, “Our goal is to get him everywhere except under his feet.

“We’ll hit it in the hip, in the thigh, but not low. We have to slow it down. We’ll hit it everywhere.

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“What if we sit outside and wait for a hatch?” It will already be Christmas! “

*** Free for editorial use ***.  Chris Yubank Jr. training at Battle Hall with Coach Roy Jones Jr., April 28, 2021, photo by Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Chris Eubank Jr. with Coach Roy Jones Jr.
*** Free for editorial use ***.  Marcus Morrison training at Battle Hall April 28, 2021 Photography by Mark Robinson Match Room Boxing
Marcus Morrison plans to disturb Chris Yubank Jr.

“It’s a battle that prepares me for the next level this summer – then Gennady Golovkin at the end of the year. It should happen,” said Chris Jupank Jr. of his fight with Marcus Morrison.

“I have Roy Jones Jr. with me here, there’s not much to do with a fighter!

“I’m ready to steal the show. I’m expecting a model. Everyone knows I put it on them.”

“I don’t think it will last 10 rounds. I’m going there to try to stop [Morrison]. He would not have the power to handicap me. ”

His legendary trainer Jones Jr. promised “Eubank Jr 2.0” and added, “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel.”

Morrison warned Yubank Jr.’s opponent, “I can box Chris, and when he doesn’t get his own way, Chris Yubank Jr. will return. At that point, fans will party, and the big bombs will leave. I can knock him out.”

*** Free for editorial use ***.  Campbell Hutton training in Battle Hall April 28, 2021 Photography by Mark Robinson Match Room Boxing


Campbell Hutton is on the fight in Manchester, where his father made history

*** Free for editorial use ***.  Craig Richards rehearses at Battle Hall April 28, 2021 photograph by Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing
Craig Richards may become Britain’s new world champion

“I’ve seen Kostia Tzio’s fight 100 times and I want it for myself,” Campbell Hutton said before his second professional fight in Manchester, the city where his father Ricky fought famous fights.

Down the line, I want the same things he does.

“I have a good boxing mind. The last time my job was complicated and I want to show more classes this time.”

“We want Campbell to be a superstar,” added his uncle and coach Matthew Hutton. “If he wants to be a superstar, he has to produce the merchandise.”

Craig “Spider” Richards said of the challenge of the unbeaten lightweight and heavyweight champion Dmitry Bevol: “The timing is right. I’m more comfortable – I’ve been in big fights between 50 and 50. I know where I’m at. I’ve beaten some good names.” On the domestic scene, it is time to continue. ”

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