Covid dominates India but doesn't stop cricket for the rich

Covid dominates India but doesn’t stop cricket for the rich

AGI – EThe richest cricket tournament in the world And the sixth sporting competition in terms of economic value after American football and European football: India is bent on Covid, however, it is now rebelling against Indian Premier League (Ipl)The two-month championship has not yet been interrupted, as daily injuries in the second wave of the epidemic exceeded 300,000, with the collapse of the country’s hospitals and the lack of oxygen and crematoriums working 24 hours a day.

The final is on May 30th

The tournament includes Eight Indian Concessions Which are competing for the best players in the world and should end with the final on May 30th in Ahmedabad. In 2019, the IPL moved to the UAE due to the Covid emergency, but this year regulators have confirmed in six Indian sites, albeit behind closed doors, with biologically safe bubbles and strict quarantine rules. In this 14th edition, about twenty games have already been played and we are still playing in New Delhi and Ahmedabad, but now the pressure to stop is growing, also as a sign of respect for the victims.

New Indian Express County

IFor the New Indian Express, The Chennai NewspaperIPL coverage was suspended “until the situation is back to normal.” He wrote: “At such a tragic moment, it is absurd for the country to host a cricket festival in a shelter of biologically safe bubbles.”

The economical cost of downtime

Stopping the tournament would have serious economic repercussions: The television rights alone are worth $ 2.5 billion IPL employs thousands of people. The T20 World Cup is also scheduled to be held in October in India. Forbe has estimated that the IPL is behind the NFL, only the Champions League, and the English, Spanish, Italian and German soccer leagues.

A distraction of those locked in the house

Pat CumminsThe Australian champion who was the most expensive purchase at the 2020 auction, explained that according to the Indian government, “IPL play provides a few hours of joy and entertainment for residents who have been forced to close.” Organizers said they are confident that the bubbles will ensure the safety of the athletes and noted that “the matches provide a much-needed distraction away from the sadness that surrounds us.” The use of support facilities in Hyderabad and Indore is not excludedIn safer areas, should the situation worsen in New Delhi.

There are those who say no

Some players have already independently chosen to leave the tournament, such as Australians Adam Zamba, Ken Richardson and
Andrew Tye or the Indian star of Delhi’s capitals, Ravi Ashwin
, Who chose to be close to his family.

Global view

IPL dazzles the entire Commonwealth with connected radio and television and rain bets from Asia to Oceania, and from Great Britain to the Caribbean. In the Twenty20 tournament, the elite of world cricket plays a role Indian icon Virat Kohli and English founder Ben Stokes. Each of the eight teams can participate in up to eight foreign (non-Indian) players, but no more than four players can be selected in the starting line-up. The top four teams enter the playoffs and compete for two final places.
The big favorites are the champions Mumbai IndiansFive-time title winners: Lotus is something of a dream team with Indian spinner Piyush Chawla (the best batsman or wicket maker in IPL history) joining a well-established bowling bout featuring tailors Trent Bolt of New Zealand and Indian Gaspret Bomray.

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