Simultaneous swimming, 4 Italians compete in the European Championships

Rome – it will be European Championship Atypical for National team synchronized swimming Which, between injuries and non-presence, will be represented in Budapest By 4 athletes they will perform single, double and mixed doubles.

Space to show Maintaining the preparations for the national team And in light of the Olympic qualification tournament to be held in Barcelona from 10 to 13 June. Call Marta Morrow (Marina Militare / RN Savona) for singles and duos, Veronica Gallo (Plebiscito Padova) for the couple, Isota Sportelli (Fiam Oro / Aurelia Swimming) H. Niccol Ugliari (RN Savona) for the mixed duo to be followed by the Federal Technicians Rosella Piperi and Joy Bacagnela.

Unfortunately, the injury occurred to Linda Cerruti (ankle sprain with ligament involvement, three-week diagnosis, ed) impairing the ability of a group that had to abandon athletes such as Giorgio Menesini, Lucrezia Rogiero and Enrica Piccoli – Confirms Artistic Curator Patricia Gialombardo We definitely had to lower the goals and at the same time we would have wasted a lot of time working hand in hand with the Olympic qualification at the gates. At this point, it is best to continue training on-site and take advantage of the situation to provide budding athletes with a prestigious opportunity to gain experience and live, anticipating the times, emotions and pressure of an international event such as Europe where Italy is the protagonist. Numerous editions. “

The Simultaneous Swimming competitions for the European Championships will be held at the Dona Arena from 10 to 14 May (ceremony scheduled for 15).

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On the other hand, three teams and seven doubles will qualify for the Olympic qualifiers. Ai Tokyo Games (August 2-7) 10 teams and 22 doubles will participate. The currently qualified teams are Japan, Russia, Australia, Egypt, China, Ukraine and Canada. The eligible doubles are 10 for the teams, plus Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Mexico. (

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