The size of the head of De Bruyne, Bruges’ farmers are proud of it

The size of the head of De Bruyne, Bruges’ farmers are proud of it

KDB. Three messages circulating everywhere on Thursday in the world sports press are the pride of the unsuspecting Belgian people. Ten days after he was released from his injury in front of Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne He had already regained all his feelings. Five years ago, the Red Devil scored again at the Parc des Princes in the semi-final first leg. A goal, skill and the Man of the Match Cup … reassured six weeks before the start of the European Nations Cup.

In the rest of the news, great performance by Lian Tan Who, for the first time in his career, reached the quarter-finals of the European Badminton Championship, and the Suns qualified to the NBA, America and New Zealand All-Blacks qualifiers.

In 100% of your sport it also shows you an extraordinary world golf record, and you’ll see it Club de Bruges The title “Boeren” (“the peasants” in French) is now fully assumed. Three days before his trip to the Jan Pridl stadium with Anderlecht, Vincent KompanyKeeps eyes on.

In Brienne, we still did not understand losing the Belgian women’s basketball champion. A title awarded to Namur on the green carpet, after Brainoises withdrew in the qualifying final due to several positive cases of Covid-19. “Namur Women’s Basketball Champion: Is this a fair decision?” Vote here for our poll for today.

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